OneOREIGHT has been working with Team Earthwars, and announced the official release date of the 2D search ACT “ Lost Epic “, which is currently accessible at Steam, and the PS5/PS4 version on the same day.

This is a 2D search action game with high -tempo battle action and many elements. It is outstanding playful, such as training characters with various growth factors, challenging strong enemies while making full use of items, and touching the world view through quests and sub stories. Originally, it was distributed as an early access at Steam from June 2021.

In this formal release, in addition to the above elements, all stories and final bosses in the main part, the appearance of the boss reinforcements we have been opponents, the addition of the marginal breakthrough weapons and mysteries, and online multiplayer with up to three players., Collaboration with the development team’s past work “Earth Wars” character skin will be prepared.

Furthermore, on May 21, the Steam version will be updated today. New areas, bosses, quests, etc. have been added, and 25%off sale has been held until May 28 to commemorate the exhibition of “INDIE LIVE EXPO 2022”.

Steam early access version May 21 Update contents

■ The final area “Abyss” is implemented. A more powerful story boss has also appeared

In this update, all the main stories of “Lost Epic” will be implemented and will proceed to “Abyss”, which will be the final area. In the abyss, a god called “God of the Darkness” and “Twin Gods” is waiting for the player.

And as a new gospel, you can get “God’s Eyes”. By activating the power of God’s eyes, you can see the hidden roads in the area you have been searching for.

At the end of the road, you will be able to obtain the “Mist” item required for the gospel and capture of new weapons. It is possible to strengthen the characters over the area you have visited so far.

In addition, the boss that appeared in the previous story, called the “re -boss”, will appear. Defeat will lead to more powerful equipment.

■ Addition of the limit breakthrough weapon, mystery

You can further strengthen your weapon status. Add more weapons that can break through the limits. A “mystery” that is activated by combining Singi has been added, and you can build a variety of combo.

■ Additional elements

[Additional elements]
-Sound the story up to the ending
– Additional area “Abyss”

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– Gospel
\ –Singi
– Quest that can be ordered from NPC

-Strengthen Parry
At the time of success, the enemy’s attack rigid up, the guard cuts up during enemy stiffness
-Changed the first shot of a big sword’s weak attack
Attack power and guard shaving up when accumulated
-Changed so that the status menu opens when the menu is opened
-Menu position of items and materials
-Fixed various menus
-Am implemented achievements
-Tatsumi, fishing rods, solid blades, coarse large bowl heavy axes are added to the dark merchant
-Throw material and weapon to the journal
-Fine adjustment, bug fix

The PlayStation version also released a “Premium Edition”, which comes with a digital artbook and soundtrack as one application. You can fully appreciate the character design that Namie has worked on.

The official release of “LOST EPIC” and the PS5/PS4 version release date, where you can enjoy the high -speed battle with enthusiasm, will be on July 28, 2022. We are currently conducting early access to Windows PC (Steam).