When you improve your equipment in V Rising, you will have old items that will simply take up a place in the storage. These old parts should be saved for additional materials and resources. Here’s how to disassemble objects and weapons in V Rising.

Unlock the devourer

Firstly, you will need to build a devourer. To unlock this cleaning station, you will need to find and defeat the V Blood Carrier, Lydia Luchnitsa Chaos . Lydia can be a difficult battle, read our leadership about where to find it.

After drinking her blood V, you will unlock the devourer. To build a devourer requires 12 wooden boards and 6 copper ingots. .

Salvation of objects and weapons

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After construction, you can interact with the Eater to introduce objects and equipment for the production of raw materials. This can be done using weapons, armor and redesigned resources to return them to their original state. If you play a PVP server with full prey, you may be worth leaving a certain amount of weapons or armor in case of death, because after death you will lose all objects. For ordinary PVP and PVE servers, these items can be safely saved where necessary.

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