[Source: Nexon]

\ -throw from June 8th to 10th through the NDC website, anyone can watch

\ -Game planning, programming, methus žnft prepared 60 lectures on 9 topics

\ -Nexon Kang Dae-hyun, vice president of blockchain and a keynote speech on the theme of virtual world evolution

** \ -NCsoft, Epic Games Korea, Craepon, Dev Sisters, etc.

Nexon unveiled the entire session and detailed schedule of the domestic game industry’s largest knowledge sharing conference, 2022 Nexon Development Zaconus (NDC), on its official website.

The NDC22, which will be held from June 8 to 10 today, will showcase a total of 60 lectures (55 public sessions and 5 private sessions) with various topics such as game planning, programming, data analysis, meta bus & NFT, and career.. As the event is held online, all lectures can be viewed on the official website and YouTube channel without restrictions on the number of people.

This year, we will share the experiences of industry -prominent experts from various perspectives, seeing the future of the industry and trying to create advanced games.

First of all, the keynote speech will be presented by Nexon Kang Dae -hyun, the theme of ‘evolution of blockchain and virtual world’. In the Metavus & NFT session, which was added to the NDC22, Professor Kim Sang -kyun of the domestic methus authority and Professor Kim Seung -joo of the blockchain expert Kim Seung -joo discuss the direction to move forward in the changing game ecosystem.

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In addition, Nexon Company, Nexon Company, Nexon Games, Nitros Studio, and Devcat, as well as NCsoft, Epic Games Korea, Craepon, Dev Sisters, etc. We will give a wide range of lectures from the same advanced technology know -how to your career journey.

Nexon Lee Kyung -hwan, Secretary General of NDC, said, “It is held online for two consecutive years in consideration of the fan -decicated situation, but with the active participation of many people, we were able to prepare various contents.” I look forward to it. ”

Meanwhile, Nexon Development Jacquards, which celebrates 15 times this year, is the largest game industry knowledge sharing platform in Korea. In 2021, which was held online last year, NDC recorded more than 71,000 visitors.