Trek to Yomi is a dynamic Side-Square, telling the story of a young samurai named Hiroka. Naturally, in the game itself there are four endings three of which can be earned by simply making a choice in chapter 6 . However, the fourth can be achieved in chapter 3 , although for this you need to defeat the main boss on the first attempt. Otherwise, the story will continue, and the hidden finale will be crossed out.

What way to choose in Trek to yomi

As soon as you reach Chapter 6, you will receive a window with a hint that informs you that three ways have become available. These three paths, being love , duty and gifts will determine the end.

End of Love

The path of love The ending can be considered good, because in it Hiroki returns to his beloved Akio. To get this ending, just select choose love when a choice is provided.

Out of the debt path

Trek To Yomi - All Endings (All Choices) 4K 60FPS
The path of duty in the final of Hiroka returns to the country of the living in order to reunite and lead their people. In return, he is forced to leave Akio in Yomi. To unlock this ending, just select Select the debt when it is offered.

refuse gifts

If you decide reject the gifts , then you will unlock the bad ending. In the final, Hiroka will become a military leader and abandon the love of his life and his people. To unlock this ending, just select the “Reject gifts” option.

Secret Ending

In chapter 3, you will have the opportunity to fight the military leader of the bandits of Kagaro. To continue history, you will need to come to terms with the defeat. But if you can turn the situation and defeat the boss, then you will receive an early ending and get an achievement. Early end .

track for length yomi

The path to yomi is by no means long, and in fact it can be passed in a matter of minutes. four o’clock. Depending on your game style, you can go through the main story and get all achievements in less than five hours.

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