The season of arrivals in destiny 2 starts with many new quests available for everyone in the game. The season consists in understanding how darkness can be used as a weapon in anticipation of the release of the next extension of the game, Beyond Light, which will start on September 22. A weekly quest that you will have to complete is called Means to an end, and in it, you must exploit a resource known as umbral traces. You will not be able to see it in your inventory, but you can recover it regularly in several places.

There are three places where you use umbral traces in the game:

  • Weekly night outings
  • Nightmare hunts
  • Creuset control

These are the only places you can find this resource. For those who prefer to embark on PVE adventures, the Nightfall: The Ordeal and Nightmare Hunts are probably your best options. You can start The Ordeal Nightfall by going to your director’s The Vanguard part and you should have the opportunity to finish it. You will have to go with at least two other players. The nightmarish hunts are available on the moon.

If you prefer to fight against other guards, you can participate in the cards in the crucible reading list: Control. You will regularly receive Umbral Traces by eliminating the enemy guards, and an excellent way for you is to use the most recent exotic of the season, the Witherhoard, which is a grenade launcher which leaves behind a devastating AOE attack.

Before you embark on one of these activities, you must make sure to visit Zavala or Shaxx to receive bonuses to be completed along the way. These will not bring you more umbral traces, but it is a good way to receive experience points and additional rewards to improve your Season of Arrivals Pass.

Destiny 2 Menagerie Disintegrations - Best Umbral Traces Farming WEEKLY Update
Because Means to An End is a weekly quest, you will probably have to do various activities to exploit the umbral traces for the quest. These will pivot when Destiny 2 resets on Tuesday.