The developers of the upcoming Multiplayer Open World action role-playing game The Day Before want to use all the advantages of Unreal Engine 5. For interested players, this only has disadvantages.

So close and then suddenly very far away: Actually, The Day Before, which is promising in gameplay trailers, should appear for the PC in June this year, a console variant for PS5 and Xbox Series S/X was targeted for autumn. In the coherent division 2-clone with MMO bonds, players in a spacious game world including a large city and adjacent surrounding area are dealing with blood-ranging zombies while looking for useful items together with their team. However, the pack is not the only problem, because, like in a Dark Zone at Division 2, other players also want to have something off the cake and let lead speak for it.

The first gameplay trailers impress with a chic and coherent look, which is nice and scary in places. The graphics splendor was not yet good enough for the developers, instead of unreal engine, the more powerful successor in the form of the Unreal Engine 5 should now be used as a graphic engine. The main thing is that the programmers are good enough so as not to compile the shaders on the fly – which leads to unnecessary performance even on the thickest PCs. And it is not just a lot of work and time that is of course uncomfortable on the targeted release date.

Instead of June 2022, according to FNTTATIC, it becomes March 2023 before The Day Before flickers over the PC screens; Of course, further shifts are not excluded. Perhaps the whole announcement is only an excuse to disguise that the game in the current version is far from being where the trailers suggest.

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