One of the most feasible businesses for some people today are streaming broadcasts, those in which a full video game and a faithful audience is company. And although it still remains a profitable business, it seems that platforms have not gone very well in the current year.

Both Twitch and _ Facebook Gaming _ and _ YouTube Gaming _ experienced a combined fall of 8.06 percent of 8.77 billion hours seen in the first quarter from 2021 to 8,061 billion hours in the first quarter of 2022 Quantities that could make a little meaning, since in 2021 the pandemic situation remained serious.

The only one who survived this massacre in a certain way was _ Twitch _ , with spectators who registered 6.13 billion hours viewed, an increase of 7.5 percent with respect to 5.7 billion hours of the previous quarter. This reported _ Streamlabs _ and _ Stream Hatchet _ .

On the other hand, _youtube gaming _ registered 1130 million hours seen in the same period, which shows not only a 7.4 % decrease with respect to 1220 million hours of the fourth quarter of 2021, but a light Increase compared to the metric of the first quarter of 2020 and a fall of 12.4 % year after year. Despite this, important falls were perceived in these months, something considerable compared to other years.

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Finally, _ Facebook Gaming _ experienced the greatest fall of all platforms with 29.6 %, going from 1140 million hours in the fourth quarter of 2021 to 803 million hours seen in the first quarter of 2022. Falling Below the threshold of one billion hours for the first time since it reached it in the first quarter of 2021.

In addition, for now it is expected that these figures continue like this, at least that a new trend goes to the rise.

Editor’s note : These types of cases are very strange, although they can be related to the case of the pandemic, since the emissions rose thanks to this, not only in streamers, but also in audience. For its part, Twitch has failed to handle its subscriptions in this last year, which is why it could have lost great figures within the business.