Netmarble plans to test the Squad Battle Royale Game ‘Hipe Squad’ in June. ‘Hipe Squad’ is a new PC game that Netmarble introduced ‘Battle Squad’ earlier. Netmarble changed its name to further promote the identity of the game.

‘Hipe Squad’, which was introduced during the NTP in January, is a real -time action battle game set in the future in the future. Netmarble plans to service ‘High Squad‘ through ‘Steam’.

▲ ‘High Squad’ highlight scene released by Netmarble

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Recently, Netmarble has improved the ‘High Squad’ system. Originally, the ‘Hipe Squad’ was a game in which three teams entered the team and compete in a total of 20 teams. Netmarble added a four -person team mode and a solo mode to the ‘High Squad’. Netmarble expects that the four -player team mode will be faster than the previous three mode. Solo mode hoped to be an opportunity to show personal competence.

Netmarble also said that it revised some of the maps to reflect the feedback from the free alpha test.

‘High Squad’ is basically a short -range action game. Users can use the ranged weapons in the game strategically. The user can revive the fallen team members. The goal is to survive until the end of the 20 teams as it is a Battle Royale genre. The game includes a home line where you can go quickly in a tactically favorable position, and a jump pad that can escape from dangerous situations. It is important to use various elements of the map along with personal combat skills.

The ‘High Squad’ test application will be available later. Netmarble supports eight languages as it prepares the ‘High Squad’ global service. The official launch schedule is not yet set.