The Super Express mission should help your character in Lost Ark to level even faster. In this guide you can find out:

  • What is the prerequisite for the Super Express mission
  • What rewards there are
  • How you can change the character afterwards

Do you want to make your character even stronger? Then use jewels. In our guide we tell you how you can melt the gemstones.

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Prerequisite and event period of the Super Express Mission

The Super Express mission is a temporary event that takes place until July 28th. You can only start the task until June 30, 2022.

At the start of Lost Ark, a ** Quest screen opens automatically, in which you select the character that is supposed to complete the Super Express mission. Remember: only one character from your squad can participate and only this will get the rewards.

However, there is a prerequisite for participation in the Super Express mission: Your character must have reached Level 50. In addition, the item level may not be more than 1,100.

If you want to change the character during the event, this is possible once. Open the mission menu and click on the gift icon at the top right under the minimap. There you choose a new character and confirms the warning that this is only possible once and cannot be undone.

Caution: If you delete the character , which takes part in the express mission event, you do not have the option of participating again with another or a newly created character.

Super Express mission: All rewards

If you successfully finish the event, you get the Super Express citing box . You get the following valuables from the lootbox:

  • 1,000 gold
  • 3,000,000 silver
  • 1x relic selection chest: relationship
  • 20x card package: legendary – rare
  • 10x card package: legendary – epic
  • 3x legendary card package
  • 1x legendary selection chest: card package
  • 3x legendary selection chest: relationship
  • 5x non -identified mighty stone of swinging up
  • 10x selection chest: navigation coin
  • 20: Selection chest: Epic engraving instructions
  • 20x selection chest: Epic combat engraving instructions
  • 20x growth support: epic accessory chest
  • 30x creation fragment
  • 10,000 RAID seals
  • 10,000 victory seal
  • 10,000 adventure seals
  • 50x leaps of honor

Lost Ark SUPER EXPRESS Mission Guide! Which Character is best?! And HOW to!
* 500x destruction stone crystal
* 1,500 Guardian stone crystal

In addition, your character will receive a reinforcement buff for equipment. As a result, he has a 20 percent more chance of success, The splinter costs are reduced by 40 percent and there are two stages per successful upgrading, which can be expanded to up to 12 levels.

that awaits you during the super express mission

You can find the tasks of the Super Express mission in the menu. There are a total of four mission levels with six missions each. In addition, there is also a bonus level. Among other things, you have to complete chaos dungeons and guards and do unas daily tasks.

Above all, you should devote yourself to Unas’s tasks at an early stage, Since they are updated every day. If you end it early, you can relax the dungeons.

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