Surprising movement that has taken place in the last hours in the world of video games. In recent months, various renowned purchases have taken place, such as Bethesda or Blizzard Activision to Xbox or BluePoint or Bungie by PlayStation . Acquisitions or movements that have generally cost several billion.

Now, we woke up with the news that embarrass Group has acquired several studies that, until now, were owned by Square Enix, such as Crystal Dynamics or Montreal eidos. In total, more than 50 games or sagas among which are Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Thief or the mythical Legacy of Kain , among others. The purchase has cost 300 million dollars. A figure that, seeing everything that includes and taking into account movements such as those mentioned above, seems quite low.

In total, the operation includes three studies (Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal) made up of a total of 1,100 employees distributed in eight different venues. The operation is not yet closed, but it is planned to be completed throughout summer, between the months of July and September.

So it gives us the feeling that, in some way, Square Enix has emerged from several western studies of which he had high sales expectations but, finally, have not given the expected results by the Japanese firm . Perhaps it was not the correct measurement rod or perhaps it has been decisions of the editor itself that have brought not as optimal data as they had in mind.

On the other hand, from Square Enix they ensure that this sale will allow the company _ “to grow and face new challenges in fields such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and the cloud” _ .

A movement that, from the outside, costs to understand. At least, waiting for Square Enix to more details about their intentions. The Japanese editor retains some of her IPS despite this movement, such as Marvel’s Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy , which although they have been developed by Crystal Dynamics and Montreal eidos respectively, are part of an agreement with an agreement with Marvel Of course, both have sold below the expected, and that the Groot and company game has been a success for criticism.

They are renowned studies and games but the fact that Square Enix is removed from them due Blockchain technology **. We will see who is winning, but seen what has been seen, it is no more than such important brands to go to new hands that know how to give love.

From embarrass Group they indicate that “we are excited to welcome these studies in embarrassing Group. We recognize the fantastic IP, the first -class creative talent, and the record path of excellence that have shown once after another during the last decades_”.