Overwatch 2, which was hidden in the veil, finally appeared in front of the public. Since the 27th, we have started the first PVP mode test for the public. It’s been almost three years since the first release, and it’s been two years since the update has stopped in one overwatch. Naturally, I received the attention of many people. In the number of Twitch simultaneous viewers, he defeated the League of Legends and achieved 1.4 million people, and the video of the forgotten Overwatch YouTubers appeared in the popular video.

In fact, the game was like Overwatch. Most of the changes that have been changed to 5 to 5 are accepted without complaints, and I like the new characters and the changed heroes. However, it is argued that even those who enjoyed the test have not yet made a clear answer to the naming of “2”. Especially in domestic public opinion, negative evaluation is dominant overall games. I don’t know what has changed.

In fact, PVE’s share of Overwatch 2 is high, so PvP alone may be hard to feel the changed part. However, it is not easy to expect a good evaluation even if you consider it. After three years of waiting, the additional heroes and a few new maps were all. It was too long to wait for a change in the wrong picture.

In fact, in the opinions of domestic gamers, you can see more negative opinions than welcome. Game Mecca ID Binggr – “Please give more heroes”, Sobul meat “There is no big change yet, I want to have a new numbering” “It’s not enough for the numbering of numbering.” McChro said, “The game was already good enough, so it was the right direction to update 1 in the first place.” I stabbed.

Apart from the evaluation, however, this test confirmed that the interest in Overwatch IP still remains. There is a lot of time left until the official launch, and the feedback of the users should be absorbed and reflected. To do this, you need more heroes, more content, and more distinct differentiation points, as many players’ calls.

What if OVERWATCH Heroes were in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS? (Celebrating Overwatch 2)
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