On April 28, Mercari updated the company’s service guidelines, Mercari Guide. According to the description, Mercari has banned the exhibition of “Nintendo Switch DL Games” from April 28, 2022.

Mercari is a flea market app operated by Mercari Co., Ltd. in Japan. Users can sell unnecessary things and set prices to sell them on the app. Users who buy are searched for what they want and go to the purchase procedure. By selecting a payment method, you can get an item. The number of users exceeds 17.5 million, and the cumulative number of exhibits exceeds 2 billion.

In Mercari, there are many games exhibitions. The package version of the game that has been played and the exhibition of the game console are generally seen, and many transactions are made. On the other hand, in the past Mercari, downloaded game software has been sold. In addition to selling download cards in kind, there are cases in which only serial code is sold. After the payment of the purchaser, it seems that a method was taken to convey the serial code through a transaction message that only the parties involved were exchanged.

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According to Mercari official, some of the Downloaded Game Software for Nintendo Switch had received inquiries such as “I can’t download” and “I can’t play after downloading”. According to some transactions, a downloaded code has been found to have been prohibited from downloaded software for Nintendo Switch in Mercari and Mercari SHOPS on April 28.

It has been whispered on the Internet that the downloaded game obtained in Mercari transactions will not be able to play in a few weeks, and the operation may have been considered a problem. It is thought that these cases are simply used for fraudulent sales with false download codes, and for crimes that get cash by selling download codes purchased with unauthorized credit cards.

In addition, the sale of downloaded games is often dangerous. For example, in some cases, a downloaded game purchased in a credit card shopping slot is used for so -called “credit card cashing”, which sells cash. Alternatively, it may be used for money laundering to unknown the source of funds obtained by crime. Mercari is banned from money laundering on the guidelines, and in some cases, buying and selling has been established at an unnatural price and exhibition form, such as “50,000 yen set of 5”., Suspicious transactions are scattered.

Mercari has many issues, such as being used for resale. I hope that this measure will help prevent illegal transactions. We are currently contacting Mercari from our magazine.