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The trailer of Tales Borderlands Redux has streamed

The impacts of its history were felt in the final DLC of Borderlands 2 and in Borderlands 3, however Tales From the Borderlands was an experience whose fans desired extra. A trailer for Tales from the Borderlands Redux has actually moved and it seems to be fairly genuine.

Tales from the Borderlands - Launch Trailer

Do you think the collection will continue hereafter outing? Allow us recognize in the remarks below.

The major series of Borderlands is still so solid, there is a component that appears to be a little left behind. The results of its background were felt in the final DLC of Borderlands 2 as well as in Borderlands 3, but Tales From the Borderlands was an experience whose fans wanted much more. A trailer for Tales from the Borderlands Redux has actually streamed as well as it appears to be rather reputable.

Tales from the Borderlands is already available on PC and also on all present consoles, except the Switch over, so would certainly it come out once more? And also will the brand-new content encompass the uncertain end? We are happy to see these questions answer, so I hope that the main trailer will be released soon. Tales from the Borderlands is offered on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC as well as mobile systems.

Some video high quality videos on smart phone have surfaced on IMGUR revealing the trailer in 2 parts. The two video clips show various scenes of the episodic game and will obviously have brand-new material, such as a “mini-bonus” perk “similar to that of the end of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. There will certainly also be an alternative to talk about the episodes, like a film. The trailer finishes with a 2020 magazine home window and also a mystical “2”, in addition to a prompt to access, but it does not seem that the page is active. Once again, this trailer was not yet supposed to head out.

Tales from the Borderlands is offered on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC and mobile systems.

Rhythm game Roteno, which is enjoyed by turning the phone, is released in Korea

XD Inc. launched the mobile rhythm game ‘Roteno’, which was developed and serviced by Dream Engine Games on the 30th, on Apple, Google Play, and Tap Tab.

Roteno is a mobile rhythm game that uses gyro sensors to rotate smartphones from side to side. The story was ahead of space travel. In the planet Aqua, where the main character Iro and Hoppe lived, the rain ‘Infinite Lane’, which does not stop since one day, became a difficult environment for people to live. The main character, Io, goes to space travel with Hoppe’s footsteps that first left Aqua.

This is a story about several characters and stars that I meet during space travel. Music in the game was classified into the concept of various planets in the story. The play that plays the music by turning the phone also fits the concept of spaceship control.

The basic version can be purchased for 3,900 won, and additional contents such as music packs can be paid. The default version includes 24 music songs and chapter 1 in the Journey Mode (Story Mode). In addition, you can purchase two additional music packs, and add one new music pack every month.

This Game Slaps

In addition, in commemoration of the launch, you can receive a total of four songs every week from 30 days to one month. This week, Hyun composer ‘極 の の ー ト ー ー’ will be provided, and the other three songs will be released on June 6, June 13 and June 20, respectively.

Intel overcomes the lack of substrate by using the factory network

Inside Intel’s Bold $26 Billion U.S. Plan To Regain Chip Dominance
Intel shared a plan that contributed to the easing of global semiconductor supply by using its Vietnamese manufacturing facilities. Intel’s Vietnam Assembly and Test Factory introduced innovative substrate process techniques to provide additional volume of millions of chips last year. Intel has allowed us to meet our customers’ demand despite the lack of substrates throughout the industry.

Keyvan Esfarjani, chief vice president of Intel and chief global operating officer, said, “The way to use Vietnamese plant is that integrated manufacturing capabilities are the cornerstone of Intel success. Intel’s global factory network and supply chain ecosystem will respond better to the changing environment and provide flexibly. ” It led to sales. Through this, we were able to meet the constantly changing customer requirements. ”

Starting with the initial stage of the fan-decicated computing, the demand for computing has put in the semiconductor industry at the center of an unprecedented supply chain crisis. This supply chain crisis led to the lack of major parts of semiconductors, including the latest processor’s most basic components, the Ajinomoto Build Up Film (ABF) substrate.

The computer chip is assembled between the substrate and the hit spreader and is shipped after a complete processor. These packages protect the chip and electrically connect the processor and circuit board inside the computer. At first glance, the substrate can be seen as a green thin plastic, but it consists of about 10 fiber glass layers complexly connected to metal parts. Substrate and computer chips are electrically connected only in the error range of micron units, and signals can be enlarged and output from the motherboard to the chip through the substrate.

One of the main parts of the substrate is a capacitor, a device that can store charge. The festival reduces noise and impedance and keeps the voltage delivered to the chip constant. Over the years, Intel and Substrate providers have been attaching one side of each substrate and attaching a fabric. Currently, Intel is attaching a capacitor on both sides of the subgstrate at the Vietnam Semiconductor Assembly and Test (VNAT) plant. Since May 2021, VNAT has been supporting efforts such as expanding factory installation space, introducing additional tools, and revising existing tools.

“This effort is the ultimate evidence of why integrated manufacturing capabilities are good for Intel and Intel’s customers,” said Kim Hui, vice president of Intel and Vietnamese site. It can improve the assembly rate by 80% and solve the production capacity problem that substrate providers experience. Intel has been providing the same massive manufacturing process and quality as a substrate provider last year. Intel plans to continue to expand its production capacity to apply these capabilities to more products in the future. ”

For Intel Vietnam: Intel Products Vietnam (IPV) is the largest assembly and test plant in Intel manufacturing network. The IPV, which has more than 2,800 employees and has invested a total of $ 1.5 billion, is the largest US high-tech investment in Vietnam. Since the start of operations 15 years ago, IPV has shipped more than 3 billion products to Intel customers around the world by the end of 2021.

State of Play: consultation for the following Playstation

The day for the following State of Play was formally announced. This will be moved to YouTube as well as Twitch on Thursday, June 2, 2022 from 11:59 p.m. . Thus, the presumption of the industry expert Jeff Grubb was verified, which had actually predicted a State of Play for the initial Juni week. Grubb likewise pointed out Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as a possible video game, which can be offered throughout the discussion.

What is revealed?

The last regular state of play took place in early March 2022 and brought many announcements with it, which we summed up for you. Quickly after that there was a different state-of-play version for Hogwarts Tradition. Along with the previous reports concerning the State of Play in very early June, there was additionally a recent report about a possible PlayStation program situation in September. Much, Sony has not officially validated this.

Sony has actually already verified that the third event title will certainly watch throughout the State of Play. In addition to third-party titles, video games for the PlayStation VR2 are additionally to be revealed.

Sony State of Play Announced, But...

do we see God of War: Ragnarök?

It is also questionable whether the blog message, with which Sony has actually announced the State of Play, may exclude First celebration announcements. There would be an extremely big title with God of War: Ragnarök , which is to be released in 2022.

To web page

In addition to third-party titles, games for the PlayStation VR2 are also to be shown.

This will be transferred to YouTube as well as Shiver on Thursday, June 2, 2022 from 11:59 p.m. . Grubb additionally discussed Call of Obligation: Modern Warfare 2 as a feasible game, which could be provided during the discussion.

Bank Loan Documents, Submitted without Visit -public institutions

Mr. A, who runs a restaurant, had to find out various documents such as tax certificates, small business confirmation, and business registration certificate to receive mortgage loans. This is because administrative and public institutions can provide bank instead of various documents necessary for loans by using public My data services. Previously, individual administrative and public institutions had to visit and prepare for the required documents.

In the future, the public will visit the administrative and public institutions in person and can easily apply for various financial institution credit services with public My data services without being issued.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security announced on the 29th that it will expand public My data services to the entire credit service provided by financial institutions such as banks from the 1st of next month to cooperate with the Korea Credit Information Service.

Public My Data is a service that can require the public to provide the administrative information held by the administrative and public institutions as an information subject, where you want it.

Since last year, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security has been providing public My data services to the financial sectors, such as personal loans and credit card applications.

Public My Data has launched a pilot service since February 2021, and in December of the same year, the e-government law was revised. Compared to other fields such as finance, full-scale services have begun earlier, and since the start of the pilot service, more than 100 million public My data services have been used. In particular, more than 2,600 cases of credit cards are processed as public My data.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security explained that from June, the scope of public My data will be expanded to the entire financial credit service such as mortgage loans, charter loans, auto loans, loans, and installment financing. In order to expand public My data services to financial institutions, administrative information will also be expanded from 5 to 29 types.

Through this, the processing process and submission process of the loan applicant will be simplified, and the screening of the credit service will be further processed.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security will hold a public My data briefing session for 74 financial institutions on the 30th so that each financial institution can introduce and utilize public My data services more diverse. At this meeting, the company plans to share the opinions on the site and listen to the site.

Education Loan Online Application At Vidyalakshmi Website
Lee Se-young, Director of Public Intelligence Policy Division, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, said, “This time, the public My data service has been expanded to credit transactions such as mortgage loans that the people use a lot in real life, and the convenience of the people is enhanced.” We will apply it to more diverse fields to help people feel the new government’s digital platform government implementation. ”

Pokemon GO: All information concerning the go-fight day and also the new mega

** Inpokémon Go will take location tomorrow, May 29, 2022, the large go-fight day in the PvP organization. For the very first time, you can likewise depend on mega developments.

When does the go-fight day run? The fight day begins on May 29 at 0:00 a.m. local time and also runs up until 11:59 p.m. regional time.

all info about the go-fight day.

What is the go-fight day? Presently in Pokémon Go The component of the go-Kambtiga, which is still energetic up until June 1st. At the end of the season there is currently an unique battling day

At this occasion you can complete in a particularly a great deal of PvP battles, get a great deal of celebrity dust and also, in addition to that, can additionally count on your mega developments for the very first time.

** In which organizations can be played in?

Which benefits exist? During the entire go-fight day you can anticipate the following rewards:

  • As much as 20 battle sets (100 battles) that day
  • 4 times as much dirt when you win
  • Gladio trousers as character short articles when completing a collection, no matter of the rank
  • Whoever has actually already received this short article will not obtain it again
  • Use mega developments

MEGA developments in PvP fights-you need to think about that

So you can utilize them: To ensure that you can drop back on the mega developments, you have to establish your wanted beast into a mega prior to the battle. To do this, enter into your Pokémon storage space as well as choose the preferred monster. There you have a switch where you can cause the development.

On the celebration of the recent modifications about the MEGA developments, you can now utilize your Mega-Pokémon in the master league for the very first time. MEGA developments are momentary further developments of isolated beasts, such as Garados or Glurak.

Once you have established the Pokémon right into a mega, the restored advancement is currently absolutely free for you. You have to spend a certain number of mega power if this is not the situation. Relying on the monster, this is between 100 as well as 300 mega power. You can find out specifically just how high it is, the display screen on the advancement policy button.

Which Mega-Pokémon exist? Currently 21 different mega developments are feasible in the video game. You can use the following Mega-Pokémon:

You need to keep in mind that: At the exact same time, only a mega development can be active. It is energetic for eight hrs once you have triggered this. The mega development of the previous beast is ended if you after that desire to develop one more mega-Pokémon. You will get an equivalent message in the video game.

It is best to think of which Mega-Pokémon you want to use in battle beforehand to ensure that you don’t constantly have to develop it once again. On top of that, you need to keep in mind that the Mega-Pokémon can just be utilized in the master organization.

  • Mega-bisaflor (plant/poison).
  • Mega-Glurak X (fire/dragon).
  • Mega-Glurak Y (fire/flight).
  • Mega-TurTok (water).
  • Mega-bibor (beetle/gift).
  • Mega daubos (normal/flight).
  • Mega-lahmus (water/psycho).
  • Mega-gengar (spirit/poison).
  • Mega-Kangama (regular).
  • Mega-Garados (water/unlighted).
  • Mega-aerodactyl (rock/flight).
  • Mega-ampharos (electrical/dragon).
  • Mega steel (steel/floor).
  • Mega dogemon (unlighted/fire).
  • Mega-voltensso (electric).
  • Mega-altaria (dragon/fairy).
  • Mega-absol (dark).
  • Mega-Latias (dragon/psycho).
  • Mega-Latios (dragon/psycho).
  • Mega-slap (normal/fight).
  • Mega-Rexblisar (plant/ice).

is the go-fight day worth it?

NEW! *SEASON of GO* is HERE! Spawns, Eggs & Updates! | Pokémon GO

In the coming weeks there will be a great deal in Pokémon Go. We reveal you all occasions in June as well as which are specifically beneficial.

Will you be there on the go-kampf day? Which Mega-Pokémon do you wish to use? Or is the PvP organization not your thing in any way? Let us understand in the comments.

You must most definitely use the go-fight day if you such as to take a trip in the go-Kambagliga and want to compete versus other fitness instructors. Instead of the typical 25 fights that you can finish on a daily basis, you have the possibility to contend 100 times on the day of the fight.

For the initial time, you can additionally depend on mega developments. So you can use them: So that you can fall back on the mega developments, you have to establish your wanted monster right into a mega prior to the battle. Currently 21 different mega developments are possible in the video game. You have to keep in mind that: ** At the very same time, only a mega growth can be active. With the initial usage of mega developments in the master league, the battles are also really exciting.

In addition, you will certainly get the opportunity to farm the chance when you win the battles. With the first usage of mega developments in the master organization, the battles are also truly exciting.

How to create and where to find Leather in V Rising

Leather is used in V Rising to create better items, and significantly stronger armor, among other uses. The Leather crafting process is simple, but first, you’ll need to eliminate a boss and then build a Tannery to produce the resource.

Where to find the Leather recipe in V Rising?
You must already have the Altar of Blood built in your castle to get the recipe. Use it to track Keely the Frost Archer or find the big boss on the V Rising Interactive Map.
After defeating the level 20 boss, you will have access to two things needed to craft Leather. The first is the Tannery, the structure that will produce the item. The second is the Leather recipe itself.

How to make Leather in V Rising?
Now that you already have how to make the Tannery and the recipe, it’s time to make Leather. If you haven’t created it yet, know that the Tannery needs 8 Planks and 160 Animal Skins to build.
The Animal Skin farm has to continue to create Leather, and this item is also needed. Every 16 Animal Skins make 1 Leather.
You can place the Tanneries in a delimited room in the castle to increase the creation speed of the Leather. If you have an entire floor with just tailoring buildings, the cost of Animal Skins will be reduced.

How to get a free Sofi Tukker Purple Hat Avatar in Roblox

Musical duet Sophie Tucker joined the metavselnaya thanks to cooperation with RS Sports! To celebrate the release of its new album “Wet Tennis”, Sofi Tucker arranges a limited time for listening to the hall. RS tennis experience. In honor of this, the duet also released two items of avatars that players can get free: Sofi Tukker Violet Hat as well as a Sofi Tukker Wet Tennis T-shirt!


Note. At the time of publication of this article, the T-shirt is currently not for sale, since the developers are working on some last mistakes in its design, but soon it will be available for request!

Obtaining a purple hat Sofi Tukker

To add the Sofi Tukker Purple Hat avatar to your Robloxian inventory, go to the Roblox website and select Avatars store tab from the navigation menu in the upper part of the screen.

Then find the search bar in the Avatars store, enter Sophie Tucker into it and click Enter.

After that, the Avatar store will tune in to show the most relevant answers to your request. However, in order to narrow the search circle even more, we need to change another thing. Scroll down until you see Creator Title in the left menu and select Roblox instead of All Creators-this will narrow our request even more.

Pressing this button should significantly reduce the number of results and, in this case, show us exactly the element that we are looking for.

To get this item, click on its image and select green get button that appears on a separate page.

To confirm the receipt of this subject, select now get button from the emerging poppy window.


Sofi Tukker’s purple hat should now be available in your avatar inventory! Remember that this item can only be obtained for a limited time, so it is better to pick it up as early as possible. If and when the Sofi Tukker Wet Tennis T-shirt becomes available in the Avatars store, it can most likely be possible with the help of the above steps.

Looking for more Roblox content? Check out our recent guides about how to get all free Avatar items in Roblox Samsung Superstar Galaxy or how to get all free items in Roblox Spotify Island!

Crossfire Legion Reviews – Real-time strategy like before?

Rock & roll What sounds like a mission from Call of Duty is the start of the Crossfire: Legion campaign and shows in just a few words what you can expect from this real-time strategy game: a lot of action, a lot of oomph, and not quite as many brains.

As colleague Peter pointed out in his preview, Crossfire is not just any brand. The multiplayer shooter of the same name released in South Korea has been highly successful since 2007. Nevertheless, the series is not very well known in the West – but this may also be due to the 0815 setting.

Anyway, what makes Crossfire: Legion exciting isn’t the scenario – but the fact that it’s finally a real-time strategy game with a single-player campaign again. We found out for you how good it is in the test of the Early Access version.

It suits you if…
You like classic real-time strategy games.
You’re looking for something like Starcraft but easy to understand.
You like to see a lot of things explode.

It doesn’t suit you if…
I am already playing Starcraft.
You expect a thrilling story from the single-player campaign.
You have an aversion to in-game shops.

Hooray, hooray, the mercenaries are here.
Crossfire: Legion is firmly based on Starcraft, even if the setting is more reminiscent of Command and Conquer. This means that you don’t slowly build up an economy and a base like in Age of Empires, but only have seven or eight different buildings, two resources, and little time before things get down to business.

The game is divided into three areas, the campaign, skirmish, a co-op mode, and multiplayer, which is to become the heart of the game. As you can already guess from the introduction, the campaign is characterized by the typical US military hooray, which seems outdated.

Shortly, it is about the mercenary group’s Black List (the good guys who act out of charity) and Global Risk (the bad guys who like to lock people up) known from the Crossfire template.

But in the end, it’s all too reminiscent of American cliche shooters where good muscle-bound Americans with lots of guns save the world from evil muscle-bound Americans with lots of guns. Add a pinch of youthful coolness to the experienced leaders of the world’s most influential organizations, and the box of clichés is almost plundered.

The urge for action is expressed playfully in entertaining missions, in the course of which we shoot our way through a futuristic city and blow up a bunker on a snow-covered mountain. You usually command small and medium-sized combat units or sneak across the map with a single hero unit. After the first two missions, you can then set up your base – and then you have to wait for more content in the course of Early Access. So far, only the first four missions are playable.

A pinch of Starcraft or, even better, two!
So if you’ve played the Starcraft 2 and Extra Story campaigns centered around the Ghost Nova, you’ll be familiar with Crossfire: Legion’s mission management style, as the requirements alternate in a similar way, as does the pacing. Also, the similarities don’t end there. The map design, resource depletion, building, and unit management are also partially the same down to the last detail.

The two resources of fuel and material, for example, can only be accessed at specified locations with another command center, where small worker drones then travel back and forth between the center and the resource field. This is a one-to-one system from Starcraft.

The cards are also predefined, the resources are arranged symmetrically, and the base locations are always in the same places. The starting base has a narrow ramp to the rest of the map for better defense.

With the raw materials, you build supply depots that increase the population limit and barracks, tank factories, and hangars to train infantry, artillery, and aircraft. There are also defensive towers and an arsenal where you can research upgrades.

Control groups forward, another.
You are speaking of upgrades. Some units have abilities, some of which are only unlocked through further development. These can be poison bombs, energy shields, EMPs, or jump attacks. So, if you want to compete in multiplayer, you’ll need to use the keyboard and control panels to get the most out of the troops.

In general, understanding the units helps, whether against the AI ​​or human players. For example, the Titan (Starcraft’s Thor counterpart) has a potent but prolonged attack, suboptimal against a horde of infantry.

The missions are well done, and Crossfire: Legion is fun. However, the game can never keep up with the great Starcraft in staging, mission design, and storytelling.

Terran, Protoss and… more Terran
What we have kept secret so far: Like Starcraft, Crossfire: has three factions, at least two of which seem to be heavily inspired by Starcraft. They have tanks that can go into a static siege mode, while their infantry can give themselves short-term increased movement and rate of fire for a slight loss of health (save the Navy). The evil Global Risk is Terrans.

The third tech group newly introduced in the universe, the New Horizon, takes on the role of the Protoss. Your first infantry unit has two electric blades, plunge into melee combat and get a charged upgrade to get to the enemy faster. In addition to their life bar, your units and buildings also have shields that regenerate outside of combat.

Only the third faction, the Black List, is not directly related to the Zerg. It tends to be characterized by lighter units than Global Risk and is thoroughly average.

Alternate units are the way to balance hell.
The commanders bring a little variety. Depending on which leader you choose for a game, you have two other special abilities. With one, you can heal troops or make them run faster, and the other has a powerful bombardment up your sleeve. Killed or lost units charge the energy for this.

Before an average skirmish or multiplayer game, you can decide which commander you want to use. The same also applies to the units! Crossfire: Legion comes with a deck system, which means you can choose an alternate unit for each unit of each faction. For example, Global Risk can swap out its marines, pardon me, soldiers for shield soldiers, which are slower but can take a lot more.

We can’t comment on multiplayer balance at this point. Still, as seasoned RTS players, we’re confident that while this system might be excellent for gameplay variety, it will be pure balance hell for competitive play.

No, no, no, an in-game shop also had to go in.
And the bad part is yet to come: You have to buy the alternative troops with an in-game currency. You can also earn them, but you are faster with real money. While the devs said matchmaking would take your unit progression into account, we’re skeptical. In a competitive real-time strategy game, an in-game shop that provides access to other units is generally not a good idea.

Apart from this monetization concept, multiplayer offers a lot of entertainment. The sound design, in particular, is compelling, for example, when tanks explode, or helicopters are shot down. It’s fun to flatten your opponent’s base. We can still forgive minor problems finding the way concerning the Early Access status, just like some animations that seem a bit stiff.

So in that sense, Crossfire: Legion is a solid game, no question about it. But in addition to the questionable in-game shop, the title from Canada has a big problem that even Early Access will not be able to solve: Crossfire: Legion has positioned itself so close to Starcraft that it is now entirely overshadowed by it.

Preliminary scoring box

categoryPros and consrating
presentation+ great sound design
+ explosions are impressive.
+ high-quality cutscenes in the campaign
+ nice play of light
– partially stiff animations
game design+ Alternative units can increase replay value and variety.
+ Games are short and the action sets in quickly …
– … but this is sometimes chaotic due to model sizes and bottlenecks.
– The three peoples hardly differ in the basic play style.
? Will there be any more content or will existing content be adapted?
balance+ Even cheap units have their place.
+ Symmetrical/mirrored cards ensure equal opportunities.
– Alternative units will hardly be perfectly balanced.
? Will the balance pass the multiplayer endurance test?
? Are Commander abilities not getting too powerful or useless?
Story/Atmosphere+ Looks plus sound and action exude call-of-duty atmosphere.
– Setting maximally bland (mercenary groups will rule the world in the future)
– Story full of teenage military cheers
– Look of the units and buildings is a bit too clean.
? How does the story continue?
Scope+ campaign and additional game modes (co-op against the AI, payload mode)
+ three factions with very different units
– very few buildings
? What game modes are coming?
? How long do the remaining eleven missions keep you busy?
rating bias65 to 75

Both factors don’t make Crossfire: Legion easy in my hands. Because while it’s undoubtedly a competent game at this stage, I can see little reason anyone would choose this title over Starcraft 2. Blizzard’s RTS king is simply superior in every respect and is now even free except for the campaigns. The only reason I can think of would be that Crossfire: could serve as a genre entry point because overall, it’s less extensive and, therefore, more manageable.

But then there is also the unspeakable in-game shop. The developers can offer single-player content or pure cosmetics in their shop. But other units for multiplayer that you have to earn without additional money first? That’s a pretty stupid idea, in my opinion.

The best sets of movements for CAW in WWE 2K22

In WWE 2K22, players can load or create their own superstars for use in various game modes. The option “Create a fighter” allows you to create an ideal personality by configuring each aspect of his game style, including the correct sets of movements. There are many sets of movements that players can set up to get an advantage in the ring. Ideally, you want the superstar to have movements that will affect several parts of the enemy’s body at the same time. Below is a list of all reception sets that we recommend that players add to their CAW in WWE 2K22.

The best racks for CAW in WWE 2K22

Easy attack

  • Bowl punch 3
  • Combator blow 5
  • Blow in the throat, Sicilian slap to the right
  • Combined lock
  • Price at 4

Hard attack

  • 24-carat uppercut
  • Superkik 16
  • Murphy Combo
  • Mia Yim Combo
  • KTFO

Easy capture

  • X-Factor
  • Turn of fate 4
  • Helmet of the 110th street
  • Superkick and German Suplex combination
  • Hurricanna 1

heavy capture

  • Air raid bomb
  • PILEDRIVER to adjust the relationship
  • Suplex City`
  • RKO 2
  • F-5 3


  • Blow with rude shoe
  • Shoulder capture 4
  • Running double axle handle 2
  • Belt rope for the left hand 2
  • Jumping from linen rope 1

The best ground movements for CAW in WWE 2K22

on the back

  • Randon orthon stomp
  • Hugan falling legs 2
  • Back
  • Falling head
  • Folk elbow


  • Dropkick 5 basement
  • Stomp Basement
  • Fast fire of the curb stomp
  • Clover Destroyer
  • Stiring foot

On the knees

  • Beaten on the blade of a knife 13
  • Preference strike 10
  • Double axle ax 10
  • Sleeper Hold shirt
  • Ripcord Lariat 1


  • Paipers Pete
  • Giant swing
  • Foot DDT
  • Neck destroyer in air raid 1
  • Sliding European uppercut

The best corner techniques for CAW in WWE 2K22

Based on

  • Beaten on the blade of a knife 4
  • Party of violence
  • A knee blow in a hang on a rope
  • Shining wizard Bulldog 1
  • Spear 14

upper rope

  • Avalanche Powerbomb 2
  • Super throttle 2
  • Muscle baster 1
  • Frankenstein 4
  • Inverted soup reverse DDT


  • Running hip attack 1
  • Porcop Dropick 2
  • Hilliotin Horned Lelrop
  • Inverted Senton 1
  • Launch of meteor 3

Tree of sorrow

  • Tree of sorrow mushroom clatter
  • Launch of meteor 4
  • Rise knees in the run 5
  • Slingshot
  • Elbow of sorrow

The best ropes for CAW in WWE 2K22

Based on

  • Cactus linen rope
  • Inverted Alabam helmet 1
  • Bite in the forehead 1
  • Top suicide
  • Thermal circuit missile

Average rope

  • Rise knees with a rope 1
  • Decapiter 2
  • Body avalanche
  • Fint Tiger
  • Switzerland19

The best movements of the Irish whip for CAW in WWE 2K22

Attack with a rebound

  • Orton Tes Press
  • Fire transfer Spinbuster 2
  • Plant blade
  • Tilt-a-whirl gourdbuster 2
  • Backstage

repulsive attack

  • Holding the finger of the leg with stretching back
  • Sliding cervical braver
  • Rooting hurricane
  • Throwing thigh back
  • Delaying Spinebuster

The best techniques for CAW in WWE 2K22


  • Reward 2
  • STF 3
  • The installed palm beats along the crossbar
  • Feel the radiance
  • Boston crab 4

The best final techniques for CAW in WWE 2K22

in the ring

  • 450 elbow drop
  • beautiful girl
  • RKO 2
  • Last trip 1
  • The driver of the death valley 3


  • Bazyzyller
  • Canadian DDT stand
  • Surest one hundred
  • DDT 15

Team Tag

  • Double shining wizards
  • Double power bombs
  • Double punch

The best branded techniques for CAW in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 Top 25 Best New Moves (Awesome)

in the ring

  • F-5 4
  • Shagover DDT
  • Full Nelson Facebuster
  • Sniper 4
  • rock bottom 1


  • Bankrupt
  • X-Plex
  • Clipper wing 1
  • Turn of fate 4
  • The taste of pain

Visit the “Creation of the Community” section and go to the “Loading” tab to see all user superstars. You can download and add them to an active list. This method allows players to add cult wrestlers, superheroes and other pop culture figures to the game. Do not forget to choose sets of movements that are fast and attack several limbs at the same time to quickly get light falls of the pin!

To get even more guidelines for WWE 2K22, read the section “How easy it is to avoid the PIN-FOLS in WWE 2K22” in the guidelines for the Games for professionals.

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