Let's Play Turbo Golf Racing - Part 1 - THIS GAME RULES
Turbo Golf Racing is a dynamic multiplayer racing game in which you drive vehicles with missile engines. During the game, you will receive XC, in -game currency that can be used in the store. This can make you ask how to quickly get XC in Turbo Golf Racing.

To quickly get XC in Turbo Golf Racing, you must play as many games as possible . You get a lot of XC, just playing, but you can increase your winnings, receipt of icons . You can earn icons for various actions, such as the fact that you lower the balls first, start rockets, quickly travel and much more. Be sure to experiment with the styles of the game and earn numerous badges.

XC allows you to buy various cosmetic objects for your car and ball, power nuclei , and more . Having earned a lot of XC, you can purchase more cosmetic objects and change your appearance depending on what you feel.

So go there and click on green. Make sure that you are correctly set and perform various tasks, such as achieving a certain speed, launching a certain number of missiles, hitting long shots and much more.

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