Turbo Golf Racing features cars with rocket engines on which you play golf. It is important to learn how to manage your machine, but nuclei are no less important. These are bonuses that you can use during the game. You can equip one passive core and one core of abilities.

Using the right nuclei can change how you play and give you an advantage over competitors . Below we have compiled a list of all nuclei in Turbo Golf Racing, ways to unlock them and the best options.

Gravity *: pulls the ball to your car.
Powerful explosion : Use to hit the ball from a distance.
roll : The ability to make the car roll forward or sideways.
Shkipper *: increases the rebound of the ball.
Right A : removes the rotation of the ball.
Fitness ball : larger ball.
Pinball *: Smaller ball.
arsonist : 10% increase in acceleration speed.
Double jerk : Double jerking in the air.

The best nuclei in Turbo Golf Racing

We recommend gravity , double jerk and chipper for the best nuclei in Turbo Golf Racing. This gives you more opportunities for mobility and control of the ball that will be useful to you when you throw the ball along the highway.

how to unlock all nuclei in Turbo Golf Racing

Gravity *: Open in the store.
Powerful explosion : Play five games.
roll : opens in the store.
Shkipper *: opens in the store.
Right A : hit 15 booster rings.
Fitness ball : opens in the store.

Pinball *: Open in the store.
arsonist : Play three games.
Double jerk : Verk 100 times.

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