After two victories in a row against the direct competition, the MSV Duisburg wanted to make the class content perfectly against 12,000 spectators against 1860 Munich – but the Duisburg fans in the stadium were disappointed bitterly. The only team that could celebrate this Sunday afternoon in the Schauinsland Travel Arena were the guests, both halved and earned with 6: 0.

MSV-Trainer Hagen Schmidt völlig bedient! | 3. Liga | MSV Duisburg

At the press conference after the game, Zebra coach Hagen showed himself visibly upset from the performance of his team. “That’s what happened here does not excuse me. That was a non-performance from the front to the back,” the 52-year-old screamed.

Schmidt made his eleven unlike in the previous season instead of running in a 3-4-3 system with a four-chain – a change that was punished quickly. The team seemed completely overwhelmed with the change from the beginning and collected three heads in the first 22 minutes before Schmidt moved back to the usual system. Addressed to the problems of his team with the tactical change, the coach did not want to take care of his players in protection: “The change from a three-to-four to a four-chain should not be such a big difficulty for a footballer. If that is a problem for someone, he plays In the wrong league “.

We had an idea that didn’t work, but I don’t want to do it that easy for the players either.

Hagen Schmidt

A partial debt took the coach due to the system change then and his coaching team. “The first 30 minutes go to my cap. We had an idea that did not work, but I do not want to do it the players”. As the biggest problem site of the team over the entire game, he identified the game of his team against the ball, which he described as “only disaster” and pulled the remaining maw parts the tooth.

“It fit into the picture that even the clearest possibilities were miserable” “

Hagen Schmidt

Despite all annoys, at least the offensive division gave a little reason for the hope for the final games of the season against Mannheim, Freiburg and Verl. The good possibilities by Pusch and Yeboah in the first half, as well again Yeboah in the second half are the positive that you loud Schmidt could pull out of the game. “Nevertheless, it went into the picture today that the clearest possibilities were also awarded.”

In order to be able to consist of the upcoming tasks, one must now “shake and turn them to the right screws,” as it is already used to it in Duisburg from recent months. This should start this on Wednesday at the Landespokal Niederrhein against SV Straelen before the next start to secure the class blast should start on Monday against Mannheim.