Playdate Review

Because the first copies of the Playdate are being journey in the first users, the manufacturer PANIC decided to publish a tutorial video to explain some of the subtleties of the crank portable console. How to register or stream its own parts? Can we connect a classic joystick, or even a keyboard on such a small machine? In the following video, we are guided step by step to handle this atypical portable console correctly. To do this, nothing complicated, just connect his playDate to the computer with a USB cable and then start the “mirror” mode. From there, we can enter the settings and choose which audio channel you can choose. For screenshots, simply press F6 so that it can be done from a keyboard, while it is possible to save the last 30 seconds video if we have missed something important by simply on F8. In short, you understood it, PlayDate has several keyboard shortcuts. I remind you that you have already prepared the unboxing of this console and the discovery of its interface and its games.