With Ember, players can improve their skills in Ember Knights. Players collect coal during the game, win mini bosses and defeat bosses, but there is a guaranteed way to get a lot of coal. Every time they do it, they will have enough for the upgrade, so this is an excellent method for those who are just starting.

Where can I be farm coal in Ember Knights?

Passing the first area of the game, you will notice that you can choose which room to go. Usually these rooms offer bonuses and advantages, and before, and sometimes after the first mini boss you will see a smoothing room. Choose a room with coal instead of gold, because coal remains suitable for use after your death, and gold is depleted after death.

Continue to go to the room and die after it is completed if you want to farm it. With this method, each launch usually takes from one to two minutes, and the coal earned is usually enough to buy an update after each start. With this method, your skills will be filled faster.

However, you must be careful because the more you improve your skills, the harder will be to defeat your enemies. While you do it and pump your character as much as possible, there will be huge problems in the game.

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