Week after week, new publications hail on the players. Many highlights and insider tips are overlooked more and more often. And that’s exactly how a game could be winter ember: a stealth action adventure, for which the developers were greatly inspired by the genre classic. However, this time is not in the dark Middle Ages, but in a more modern setting: The adventure victorian city is Anargal in which its various missions must fulfill. She plays Arthur Artorias, the only survivors of a massacre, who returns after eight years to hunt and practice revenge. In this case, one moves significantly in the footsteps of the master thief Garrett, albeit from a unusual perspective: similar to Metal Gear Solid or Diablo, the entire adventure is played from an isometric top-down view.

Weapons and skills are already more clearly to Thief: You move silently through the shadows, lurks enemies, delivers sword fights or attacks enemies with the bow. Your arrows may make you yourself, the developers promise more than 30 variants such as smoke, poison, ice and fire arrows. The environment should also be used again and again, with some arrows, for example, ripping walls can tear, others create a climbing rope where Arthur can achieve highly places. A first taste is in the trailer.

The missions should be solved on different ways. For this you can also skill Arthur in different directions: you have three talent trees available, which contain more than 70 passive and active skills, divided into the areas of Stealth, Combat and Utility.

Release already in April

Even if Winter Ember obviously does not want to be an expensive AAA game, it makes a graphic a pretty atmospheric impression. In addition to the trailer, which we have linked up for you, you can also take a look at our gallery. How do you like the style?

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Winter Ember (Thief Inspired Stealth Game) - My Thoughts After A Few Hours

Winter Ember appears on 19 April 2022. [Source: Blowfish Studios]

In the comments on Steam also show praising voices of players who could already try a demo version. However, multiple criticism of the control is loud, the developers Sky Machine Studios should be revised until the release. Whether it worked, we will soon know: Winter Ember should appear on 19 April 2022 for PC. Versions for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch are also announced, but on the corresponding product pages can not find any appointments. Winter Ember has received a USK release from 18 years according to Steam, but a price is not yet fixed. For a game that should appear in a few days, rather unusual. Winter Ember is also listed on Gog, but there is no price here. What do you think? Is an insider tip in the march?

Update: play available, first events disappoint

Meanwhile, Winter Ember was released, the game is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PS4 / PS5. At Steam, the first user ratings are negative, among other things, bugs and a sluggish control are criticized. On Metakritic have so far only very few reviews are listed, so there is no representative range there yet. The PC version costs about 23 euros, the same price also falls for the Xbox version. The PlayStation version is – for whatever – something more expensive, she beats with 30 euros to beech.

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