Game * SPARK conducts special plans to presents the original tapestry (not for sale) of “ Elden Ring ” as a collaboration campaign with the Gaming Monitor Series “Mobiuz” of Benkee Currently. It is inside! If you purchase the latest high-end monitor “ EX3210U ” within the campaign period, you will receive a tapestry with the first 50 people limited .
※ You can also apply if you have already purchased the target product. **

Application form is here

As well as the “Elden Ring” player who is already enjoying the adventure in the area between narrows, it is also a recommended monitor for a gamer looking for a new gaming monitor, so please apply after purchasing.

“MobiuZ EX3210U” Purchase page is here

The GAME * SPARK actually plays an article that actually plays “ Elden Ring ” and introduces its attraction. Please look at them all together.

# « Application Guidelines »

# # Application Period

* It is a campaign for the first 50 people, and this campaign will end as soon as the prize is lost.

# # Target item

BENQ “ Mobiuz EX3210U

# # Application Qualification

Application qualification for this campaign is limited to those who meet all the following conditions.

  • If you read this application guidelines carefully and agreed to the content

  • If you live in Japan

Application method

  • After purchasing the target product, please enter the required information from the campaign application form in the article.

  • You can apply if you have already purchased the product.

Notes on application

    • Applications are limited to one of the target products.
  • If there is a defect and unknown point in the application content, and if we judge that there is an application by an illegal procedure, or a suspicion of it, the application will be disabled.

  • Despite any reason, such as forgotten application, you can not apply after the completion of the first 50 people, so please apply early.

# # Winning announcement and product shipping method

  • Winner’s announcement will be returned by shipping prizes.

  • Prizes are scheduled to be shipped to addresses and names you entered within one month from your application.


  • If you win, we will ship the prizes to the address and name you entered from the application form.

  • If the entry of the address and your name is not correctly done, the winning may be disabled.

  • The deliveries of prizes will only be in Japan.

  • If you can not confirm the contact details of entry or if the prize does not arrive due to the change in the address change after entry, you may want to cancel the winning.

  • Transfer of winning rights, cash and selling can not be done.

  • The image of the prize is an image. Prize specifications and designs may be changed.

  • Purchases with second-hand goods will be outside this campaign.

  • Please note that this campaign may end or change the content without notice.

# “Handling of personal information”

About handling of personal information We will keep your personal information (hereinafter referred to as our company), but regarding the handling of the personal information you have received, strive to protect and protect as follows. I am.

# # 【Purpose of use】

Due to the presentation of the product product, for the inquiry for shipping

# # [Provision to third party]

We will provide your personal information that you have received by the Company in the following ways. With the exception of the case, we do not provide other third parties, without obtaining the user’s personal information, except as defined by law.

(purpose of use)
Present item lottery, for shipping

(Item of personal information provided)
Name, phone number, address, product serial number, purchase certificate

(How to provide)
Provided in data format with security

[Optional of personal information submission]

It is optional that customers will submit personal information to our company. However, if personal information is not submitted, we can not draw and ship the product product, so please be aware in advance.

# # [Delivery of personal information handling business]

Our company has commissioned a part of the business to provide better service to our customers, and you may be able to deposit your personal information on business consignees. In this case, a consignee that is deemed to handle personal information is appropriately selected, and it is necessary to set up the matters necessary to prevent leakage of your personal information due to appropriate management and confidentiality of personal information in contracts etc. Conduct.

[About disclosure request of personal information]

Customers have the right to request the use of your personal information to be used, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, addition or deletion, use, erase and deliver to third parties. For details, please contact the following window or check “About handling personal information”.

Contact information: Personal information inquiry window

e-mail: [email protected] (address excluding the first X)

Personal Information Protection Administrator: Human Resources General Manager