When playing through Elden Ring, fans will discover hundreds of unique weapons with their own special skills. One of these weapons, the wing of Astel, is a curved sword with the ability to shoot magical rays as desired. This ranging attack is free, as long as the player can meet the requirements of the weapon. The ability to mix melee and magic is crucial in elden ring, and this weapon creates that perfectly. Creating a complete build around the wing of Asesel will serve to dramatically improve the player’s performance when it reaches later parts of the game.

Elden Ring - Godfrey, First Elden Lord - Wing of Astel Gameplay (No Damage)

Elden Ring Wings by Astel Build

The wing of Astel requires 7 starch, 17 skill and 20 intelligence to be properly used. It gets most of its scaling of skill and intelligence, but the latter only improves the magical damage of the weapon. Therefore, players should focus on increasing their skill and intelligence as they rise , but they should focus more on the statistics they need. If they fight against many magic-resistant enemies, increasing the skill leads to better results in the long term. As always, make sure that you first have enough power and endurance.

The wing of Asesel can not be brought and his unique ashes of war is not really useful. For this reason, players should concentrate more on talismans that increase the damage than the FP. If you decide to complete Millicent’s quest series, you will be rewarded with one of two great talismans that optimally use the speed of curved swords. You can also find yourself in search of Radagons wound seal, one of the best talismans you can find. The Curved Sword Talisman, as the name implies, also helps to increase Wing of Astel’s damage emissions.

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When it comes to armor, players should focus on low-weight equipment to enable better rolls. The Wing of Asesel is a curved sword, so it works best with fast movements. Players should also consider equipment that increases skill or intelligence, like the Okina mask, the mask of the wife or the hemorrine crown of the queen. With the right build you can use the Wing of Asesel to break the Lands Between in their entirety!

ELDENRING is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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