Look, there were no simple six months for Battlefield 2042 from EA DICE. Bugs brought people to scream in record numbers after refunds. Core functions and roadmaps have not proven themselves as expected. Not to mention the simultaneous player numbers that, the least speaking, did not look promising under 1,000 simultaneous players for the very first time on Steam. All in all, it was an unusually bumpy way for EAS flagship shooter franchise.

But even on bad days Battlefield 2042 has a certain magic that you can not find anywhere else. Despite everything that has come and gone since the publication in November, players still create this stunning skills that provide incredible assembly and YouTube videos.

We all remember the rendezook from Battlefield 3 – it was reproduced at least in the fan service-burdened trailer of 2042 – but this clip of Twitter makes an almost better. Divided by Youtuber ‘Westie’ on Twitter, throws himself, inedammo6161 ‘with sundance of a building and slides along the way of a helicopter. Then, in a moment of madness, you zip your tank fist and fire a shot – and fall off a helicopter filled with squad.

It is a train called “Wing Zook” and the proof is that players still create the moments despite the dwindling numbers, for which this series is known.

'Almost Everyone' still working on Battlefield 2042 - Call of Duty 2024 Leaks - This Week In Gaming

I call it the Wing Zook ????. @Bearlygg @ rickshade3 @ standingfast85 @thetedbaron # battlefield2042 # bf2042 #pcgaming #zuck pic.twitter.com/utu5j2iqja

  • I need Munition6161 (@ inedmoney6161) 14. November 2021

Westie, which covers the game since the start on his YouTube channel, explains that “Despite everything that happened”, we still get this “Battlefield Moments” for which the series is known. The game may not be where the players want or expect it, but these stunning insights into the slaughter of the revelation trailer, who staggered the fans in excitement last year, can still be found in 2042 – they just have to be more accurate As usual looking to find them.

While the key number of metacritic for the game continues to cope with a bitter-low 2.1 (at the time of writing), the clip can not help but make it optimistic for the future of Battlefield 2042. While the bad press may be insurmountable for the title, there is still fun with this newest entry – even if this fun may sometimes tilt something too far into absurd.