The Horizon series of Guerrilla Games was a title that represents the playstation. The first game, Horizon Zero, has exceeded 2 million cumulative sales volumes of cumulative sales by February this year, and the next work Horizon Forbidden West has further developed an open-world play with theme as a theme.

And the journey of Aoyli does not end. Guerrilla Games predicted the appearance of the next work through an interview with the British Game Q & A VG247 on the 14th (local standard). This story is linked to Horizon Forbidden West Ending. On the second side, ALOLO is focused on Restoration of Terra Forming system and faces a new hostile forces. It is difficult to talk about the ending specifically, but there was a louder that seems to have something to do after the ending.

Horizon Forbidden West Spoilercast With Guerrilla Devs

For this guerrilla game Mathijs De Jonge Creative Director, “Horizon is a story about Mystery. Each story was to dig the present and the mystery of the ancient world. I have a rich background story that establishes a new story line and create a new mystery in the conventional setup. “

“In fact, this game is usually ended again with another big cliffer (cliffer, and the story technique that it is ending without releasing the conflict to the next game).”

In the first game, Horizon Zero Dunn, Horizon, who repaired Gaia, and the production team has established a new story based on this. Therefore, the next work is also expected to start from the unresolved part of the previous work. The specific contents of the Horizon series have not been disclosed, but etheries and the party are expected to face a big challenge again.