If the Speedrun spotlights on Elden Ring are focused on the incredible performance of distortion2, it’s Star0chris who released his world record. It is in a different category, that of glitchless, that the player has been illustrated.


Elden Ring: A Speedrun Category Drawn

You are told you very regularly in the columns of JV: Elden Ring is the subject of a fierce competition in the Speedrun, a discipline that consists of completing the game as quickly as possible. It has several categories including the%% _ in which it is enough to finish the game and does not matter the way. The king of this category is called distortion2 and regularly postpone hallucinating times. The last on the date? Less than seven minutes were needed to see the end credits .

Elden Ring Any% Glitchless Speedrun WORLD RECORD (1:18:50) | Current Patch 1.03
And if the record is impressive, it is the performance itself that is sometimes considered uninteresting for some. Distortion2 uses the zip, a method where it exploits the faults of the game which allows it to move on huge distances. And if such a method requires some talent and a certain regularity, it is less than anything because no combat is done throughout the test… which does the salt of Elden Ring.

30 minutes of preparation and it’s gone

However, the distortion2 exploits fall into the any% Unrestricted Run category where it can exploit the flaws of the game to go faster. In this regard, there are other categories in which players do not allow such benefit . This is the case of the any% glitchless, where no exploitation of the game is performed. And on this side, it is star0chris who holds the world record. It was April 13th that he posts a video in which he realizes a record attempt from the world. During the first part of his attempt, he retrieves everything he needs before making the bosses mandatory. He recovers the flamme war ash, reinforces me, which allows him to increase his physical strength and fire attacks. He then arrives at the Volcano Manor by the teleportation of the virgin racingly located at the bottom of Raya Lucaria and choppe the _Track-viper sword _ : it is the blade to use to defeat Rykard. It is then with this equipment that it confronts one by the lords of Elden.

An impressive performance (and especially at the end of the fight with its anticipation of the movements) which allows it to finish the game in 01 hour 18 minutes and fifty seconds . If such a performance is impossible for the poor fatal people we are, star0chris indicates that it can do better. He confessed to having taken a lot of security when he attempted, and considers that this yy% Glichless Speedrun can be realized in only one hour. WAIT AND SEE.

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So, the most demanding game on the planet ends in a big hour

Goty, did you say?

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