The world of Kingdom Hearts expands once again. Not only a fourth numerical delivery was announced during a special event by the 20th anniversary of the series, but A new mobile game is already in development , and players will have the opportunity to prove it this year.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced + New Mobile Game + Dark Road Ending! - 20th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary

The game in question is _ Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link_, which will reach iOS and Android devices in the future to be determined . However, a closed beta will take place at some point of 2022. This is the description of this title:

“Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link allows players to embark on adventures from the kingdom of Scala ad Caelum to the real world. Players can participate in exciting battles against Heartless and discover a new and original story. “

Apparently at the advance, _ Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link_ looks like Square Enix’s most ambitious mobile game, although it is still to see more concrete Gameplay. Along with this, Square Enix announced that the Final Chapter of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, another mobile game, will arrive in August 2022 as a free update Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road.

In this event it also revealed Kingdom Hearts IV, of which you can learn more here.