Revealing the truth about his past, Serge will face a variety of allies, ready to help him, each of which has its own rich history and motifs. There are all 45 game characters in Chrono Cross, which means that you will have many options for creating an ideal command. In this guide, we will consider, in particular, one character – the young Dragoon of Acacia, Glenn. This is how to recruit Glenn in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Note: follow the secondary spoilers about Glenn.

Where to find and recruit Glenna

To recruit Glenn to your group, firstly, you need abandon help in finding Kid Antidote . As soon as it is done, talk to Machi and go to Termin (other world) . Upon arrival, head in Flower Shop To start a short screensaver between a woman from a flower shop and Glennon, in which he reveals his desire to find a boat and penetrate the Fort Dragonia (another world).

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As soon as the scene is over, Glenn will disappear from the screen. towards docks . Return to the docks and talk to Masha once again, after which Glenn will present at the party and ask to borrow your boat. Having learned that Serge was also sent to the Fort of Dragonia, Glenn will ask to accompany the group, opening it as a game character in the process.

Abilities Glenna

Glenn Congenital element Green Spiritual color, closely connected with air and nature, and its attack indicator The highest among congenital green characters . In addition, it is capable of two-handed two sword of Einlanzra, as soon as both are purchased. When using DESH & GASH TECH, Glenn rushes to his opponent with dazzling speed, cutting through it through and drawing a huge damage.

On the other hand, Glenn Sonikmech Tech sees how he concentrates green energy in his sword before pulling it out, forcing him to spread on his enemies and apply a huge damage. Glenn is the strongest physically attacking congenital green character, which can be recruited during Chrono Cross, and it becomes more deadly only with both Einlanzers at his disposal. If you are looking for a powerful green character, be sure to invite Glenn to your group!

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