In the title race, the Stuttgart thick exclamations have set a thick exclamation mark away from the Sport Union Neckarsulm. At the 7th of 0, Riehle opened the Torfabrik in the 11th minute when he was skilfully staged by Colic. Five minutes later, a scorer was a scorer, a bit involuntarily: a flank from the left slipped off and slapped behind goalkeeping May in the long corner. It continued blow on blow, Tunjic overpved May to 3: 0 (18th).

The blue from the district of Degerloch remained hungry, Dicklhuber ran after just under half an hour much too imprinted from right to the penalty area and put on riehle, who inhabited to the 4: 0. After that, the thick exclamations left a pair of uphard, but these luxury problems could allow themselves to allow themselves, even because Dicklhuber achieved the 5: 0 with a magnificent shot of Halblinker position. This hit in the 42nd minute was not yet the halftime level, because Moos made in the 44th minute still half a dozen. Shouting in the cabin Neckarsulm did not take advantage of Neckarsulm, as it rang again in the 46th minute: a great, most effortless combination, completed shipy to 7: 0 (46.). While thick exclamations-Keeper Castellucci had to be angry about it, that he had not taken a magazine on the field, so busy he was mostly, sailed on Su-caster May Ball sailed on ball, but Mai kept a few times skilfully and thus prevented at least A double-digit defeat for its neck arms.

Fits this cream tag of the thick exclamations handed this 7: 0 to the leap to the top of the table, since the SGV Freiberg did not come over a 0-0 at the relegation threatened SV Linx. Although Freiberg had more of the game as expected, but the SVL kept passionately held and thus earned the counter, which was too little to stay over the bottom line.

Piu with outstanding retrieval time

At least for the time being at the saving shore SSV Reutlingen is sitting. Away from FC 08 Villingen, the former second division first came under pressure. After a Schwaiger mistake, Sautner took the ball in the 2nd minute, but made hair sharpness the 1: 0. But with the next Reutlinger mistake in the game build, Villingen switched lightning fast and boulachab marked the lead for the neighbor’s (4.). However, gradually the SSV took over the command and recorded its first significant opportunities from the 16th minute. In the 28th minute, the compensation fell: Schwaiger fit on Schumann, who laid back from the baseline on Sanyang, who met from central position. Unlike in the first round, Reutlingen was immediately light wax after restart and went to lead in the 47th minute by a debris match of Kuengienda. Villingen no longer fell a lot, Reutlingen laid the 3: 1 by Meixner (53.). A gentle resting pillow, one should mean, but Reutlingen now went too lavishly with his chances. On the opposite side, Albrecht hit the latte after a good 80 minutes, which the SSV did not perceive as a wake-up call. On the contrary, after precise storage of Diakite, the substitute Badiane shortened in the 84th minute to 2: 3. Suddenly, 800 spectators have been announced again. The compensation was pushing shortly before the final whistle in the air: Busams shot parished PIU with a glory (90. + 1), with the subsequent corner Ceylan passed over. Shortly thereafter, Diakite ran on the Reutlinger goalkeeper, but Piu remained in one-to-one winner. Busam picked up yellow-red because of complaining, after which the Reutlinger was literally grabbed and the relief of the Reutlinger.

All opportunities on the league have received the Freiburg FC. Nyamsi achieved the early 1: 0 (4.), marriage Martinelli in the 86th minute the nail chew in the Freiburg camp with the 2-0 was finished the early 1: 0 (4th).

For the sportfreunde village feature, however, there was a 0: 6 abuse of the FSV 08 Bietigheim-Bissingen. Gerezgian and Kasiar met for the hosts twice that are currently conveniently established in the table tool field. Something similar can be said about the FV Ravensburg, who defeated the TSG Backnang with 4: 2.

While heavy snowfall has led to the cancellation of the home game of the 1st CFR Pforzheim against SV Oberachern, the FC Rielasingen-Arlen and the Kellkind FC Astoria Walldorf II dealt with 2: 2 apart.

On Sunday it goes deep in the basement, when the final light FV Lörrach-Brombach receives the penultimate TSV Ilshofen.