Metroid Dread (from 43.55 € at Buy) For Nintendo Switch, a challenge for Some players already presented to release, so rookie mode was submitted in February. However, the innovations of the Just published updates (version 2.1.0) aim in a completely different direction – who has ended the story mode, which is allowed to look forward to a series of hard boss challenges.

Whole three boss-rush modes were added to the game:

Metroid Dread: Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush
Activation condition: Passing through
Content: 12 BOSSFIGHTS in series, on time, damage is taken by a fight to the next, ammunition, however, is filled up to death for time penalty

Survival Rush
Active condition: BOSS RUSH or DREAD RUSH Published
Content: Defeat as many bosses as possible in 5 minutes, damages will be taken to the own death immediate game over, the defeat of boss adds time

Activation condition: Main game in the Dread mode
Content: Rules as in Boss-Rush mode, but already a hit for the immediate game over