Subsequent scenes of credits are no longer reserved for superhero sagas, but sonic the hedgehog 2 movie has one? The first sonic the hedgehog film that combined live action and ICGI elements surely did it, and through that, we got a tails mockery in the sequel with Sonic’s partner now playing a much more important role in sonic the hedgehog 2. With Paramount already confirming plans previously for Sonic the 3 hedgehog is deduced that the film that premieres this weekend in theaters would also have one.

Spoiler warning: There are small spoilers ahead for sonic the hedgehog 2 .

If you have subscribed to that line of thought, it would be right in your assumption: Sonic the hedgehog 2 sure has a post-credit scene. Like the first film, you will have to stay a bit to see what comes after the credits, highlighting the main cast and its characters. Those who saw first sonic the hedgehog the film will remember that he treated Sonic fans with a more retro version of the film versions of the Full Sonic characters with the renewed musical theme before showing Tails at the next scene Credits.

However, if you have been aware of the official and unofficial news of Sonic, you may have already heard of the scene after the credits of the second film. That is because apparently began to appear online in recent weeks after the stepped launch of the film in other countries before its debut in the United States. It is expected that those who have distrust spoilers have done well to dodge all the initial revelations before their presentation, but if you are one of those who have done it or simply want to see what is reserved for the future of sonic series of movies, stay after the credits in sonic the hedgehog 2.

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Leaving aside the leaks, a positive result of the different launch dates of sonic the hedgehog 2 is that the reactions and reviews of the film increased long before its final launch, which means that Sonic fans have already heard how It is being received. Our own revision of sonic the hedgehog 2 __ praised the inclusion of the new characters of Sonic and his dynamics shared among them, but pointed out that he did not always see the same cohesion as regards the human characters. In addition to our review, you can also see what others say about the new movie here.

Sonic the hedgehog 2 Releases in cinemas on April 8.