A new offshoot of the popular Need-For-Speed series should actually have been published in April of this year. The developer studio behind the title, criterion, but had to help develop Battlefield 2042, which is why the release was postponed indefinitely. According to rumors scattered by the industry insider Tom Henderson, the new part will appear in September / October 2022, although EA itself spoke of a publication in the financial year 2023.

New Need-for-Speed offshoot only on current consoles

If that were not confusing enough, now the journalist Jeff Grubb reported to his Giant Bomb Show “Grubbsnax”. According to Grubb, the new Need-for-Speed offshoot continues to publish a publication in 2022, and will probably appear in November.

In addition, Grubb declared that the new title is probably not for the older console generation, ie the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, will appear. Instead, the developers are only focused on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and the PC. This would not be the only EA title, which waives a publication for older consoles, this would not be the only EA title, as well as the new Dead Space Remake, and rumbling also the next offshoot of the Dragon Age series.

So interesting these rumors may be, so far, the new Need-for-speed part has not been officially announced, so we will have to be a little to be patient until we have handproof information. However, if the game will actually appear this year, we can probably expect an announcement within the next few months.

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According to current rumors, Criterion Games receives further support of Codemasters in the development of Need for Speed.

Finally, EA moved the hot EA Sport PGA Tour to spring 2023 for a year. We also finally learned how the next football game of EA Sports is called after the company no longer owns the name rights to FIFA. In Dragon Age, the new offshoot lost another producer a few months ago.

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