Niantic Totally Pranked The Asia Pacific Region - April Fool's Day Event 2022 (Pokemon GO)
Pokémon Go celebrated the day of the fool of 2022, highlighting the silent pokemon the same . The event occurred only on the day of the fool and included the quest called “Propoare Fools 2-O? -22”. This quest can be difficult to fulfill now when the event has ended, because the rate of the appearance of some of the Pokemon presented returned to the norm.

All quests and rewards

Quest 1/3:

  • Catch 10 Pokemon – 25 sheaches
  • Catch five pokemon normal type – five potions
  • Make five good throws – five nanaba berries

Award : 1000 star dust, 15 candies ditto and 5 Razz berries.

Quest 2/3:

    • Catch 10 Pokemon ** – 15 excellent balls
  • Catch three pokemon-transformers (this is the same) – five super potions
  • Transmission of 10 Pokemon – Five Berries Pinap

Award : 1500 XP, 15 candies ditto and one Silver Pinap berry.

Quest 3/3:

  • Award Claims – 10 Ultra Bolov
  • Award Claims – Five Hyperzels
  • Claiming award – 3500 experience

Award : 3000 star dust, 15 candies ditto and meeting with Ditto.

How to catch Ditto in Pokémon Go

Catch Ditto to perform a step in Quest number 2 may be a challenge. The frequency of the appearance of Ditto was increased during the event “Fool’s Day 2022”, but now, when it is over, players may have problems receiving Pokemon-transformers. To catch ditto, players must first find it disguised as another Pokemon. The only way to reliably determine whether the pokemon in the wild of the disguised Ditto is to catch it. At the time of writing, Wild Pokemon, which may be the same at the meeting, Ekcans , Gastli , Natu , Surskit , Finnon , Delbble as well as Svirlik .

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