On April 6, 2022, Vvanna Studio Games “Kiramiki Paradise” for women “Kirameki Paradise” will open game information and released new PV videos. It is a PV video that introduces free game content and technology height, and so please take a look! Please take a look!

# Long-awaited new PV released from April 6, 2022!

A new PV videos of women “Kirameki Paradise” for women who have been replaced on April 6, 2022, have been released. This published PV videos introduces the technology used in free game properties and games. This PV is also beautifully uniquely unique, and it is very outstanding.

This time, we will deliver the information published in PV videos to everyone!

Official HP: https: //bit.ly/3UEABM3 Official Twitter: https: //bit.ly/37rviwf

# Overwhelming graphics are waiting!

Within PV videos, you can use the latest technology to check the overwhelmingly created graphics. It has succeeded in reproducing the depiction where the brilliance of the accessories changes due to light reflection. Compared to the real accessories, it is finished without distinguishing. It is possible to enjoy enough to watch the game early in the game.

It has been reproduced firmly until the guitar fine part. Since other ornaments are also reproduced to the fine part, there are also a wide range of options al1. It is also an important factor to have an ornament that was in the atmosphere of a girl.

By using the latest technology, it is also possible to express your own ideal corde like an image. It is a corde that can be done because it is a “glitter paradise” that boasts high technology.

# Reproduce the texture of a realistic hair with high technology!

In PV videos, a scene that is finely adjusting the texture of the hair will appear. It has become the technology used when creating a character model of this work, and it is finished to the healthy hair quality by overlapping the effects of light diffusion, transparent, backlight, etc. of hair. As you can see in the image, you can see that the texture is completely different.

In this work, it is possible to change hair freely. You can choose a wide hair color such as light blue, pink and white. This is also an element that is largely converted to the girl’s impression by finishing the hair along the theme. If you change your hair finely, you can create original hair!

It is also possible to change the hair color to the two-tone color like this image. It can be reproduced even if it is difficult to realize in reality. You can change the hair color of the fine part like this and create a hairstyle full of originality.

It is also the attraction of “Kirameki Paradise” that you can change your hair to your clothes or combine clothes with your hair!

# Reality that does not fall even if you change skin color!

“Kiramaki Paradise” realizes what kind of skin color is reproduced to reality. I think that you can use technologies that can be more man-skin-skin on the character of the character in the game, and you can see that the skin’s griminess is outstanding even if you look at it.

By using the above techniques, the texture of the human skin seen in the close proximity is also finished with a high degree of realistic. It is possible to feel the texture of fine-grained human skin even if it comes up like an image. Even if you look at girls from various angles, you can enjoy the unusual quality.

# Do not worry about the details!

In this PV videos, it is also introduced depiction that reproduces the quality of clothes and reproduces more reality texture. By adding a fine accessory, it has succeeded in reproducing to the detailed part of the clothes.

Compared to the above images, you can see that you have more clothes are created more. By using this technology, more reality texture can be reproduced at a high level.

# Material of fabric is free! Your original fabric!

In this work, the material and texture of the costumes are also made in detail. In this PV videos, we introduce the material of the set corde fabric. It is possible to enhance realistic texture, thanks to the technology that allows you to solidify the material of real weaving, fabric, and unevenness.

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Here we would like to see the material of the fabric in detail. Which is the texture of everyone’s interest? By all means, please see while imagining clothes that you can wear to girls!

A detailed span call fabric like an image is introduced. By receiving the light, it shows various shine as real.

A delicate lace fabric also offers a set corde fabric. The detailed pattern is also reproduced well, and it is finished with something that is almost identified with the real thing.

This image embroidery is of course in the game. You can check the texture of fine threads like real embroidery.

In “Kiramaki Paradise”, which is fully fine, wool fabric is also reproduced. You will be able to change girls to meet the season.

Fabric materials also have general fabrics such as images. This fabric is also reproduced without losing fineness.

Written fine wool using mohair is also reproduced realistically. You can reproduce beautiful wool so far only for the latest technology.

# Official information is out of information on Twitter!

Also, in the official Twitter of “Kiramaki Paradise”, the VVANNA editing department sends up-to-date information. You can get game information and campaign information immediately quickly, so let’s follow it without forgetting!

# Official PV videos

# Game Overview of Kirameki Paradise

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