PS Plus’s new subscription model should make it possible in the premium variant to gamble PS3 titles on the console. However, only as long as you are online, because for PS3 games is currently only playing Via Cloud Streaming. Some fans does not taste that, after all, it would be theoretically possible to run the games via the emulator on the PS5. And according to industry insider Jeff Grubb, exactly that could come later.

PS Plus could get PS3 games via emulator

That’s why: Currently it is not possible to gamble PS3 games on newer PlayStation consoles. The reason for this are technical limits. To offer the titles anyway in the new PS plus Premium, Sony wants to let you stream the games when the service will go live from June 2022.

All information about the new PS Plus and the contents can you get here:

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Could the PS5 play PS3 games? | MR RATCHET
Emulator could come: Not all PlayStation fans want to stream their games on PS5. Whose Internet speed is not sufficient or stable enough for cloud streaming, looks into the tube. At least so far, because according to Nick insider Jeff Grubb, Sony could currently work on a PS3 emulator for the PS5.

In the podcast with Mike Minotti, GRUBB spoke, among other things, that he has asked for his sources as to whether an emulator for the PS5 is still coming. The answer seems to be promising:

“After we talked about it, I’ve looked at, asked, asked. It sounds like Sony worked on PS3 emulation for the PS5. It may take a while. I just wanted it to tell us.”

No warranty for an emulator

When and whether such a PS3 emulator actually appears, is still in the stars. Just like the answer to the question of whether the emulator is then available only PS plus premium subscriber or will be available for all with a PS3 playing library.

After all, the patent submitted by Sony’s at the beginning of the year coincides, which should allow backward compatibility via software. While many popular PS3 games are now published as Remaster for newer consoles, there are still some titles such as Heavenly Sword who never appeared on other consoles.

Do you wish a PS3 emulator for the PS5? Which games would you play on it?