There are six Kyber bricks to unlock at each level of Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker. One by completing the level, three by filling the bolt indicator until you reach True Jedi, one for collecting all miniKits and one by completing the three level challenges. In this guide, we will show you how to obtain all miniKits and challenges, as well as we will also describe which characters are unlocked by completing the level to Bigger Fish in episode I.

Locations of a bigger fish minikit: Lego Star Wars Saga Skywalker

For collecting all miniKits at this level, you will unlock the mini battleship of the Commercial Federation to play freely.

A largest fish minikit # 1

As you move away from the fish at the beginning of the level, it is attentive to this minikit to come dragged to the screen by a fish. Shoot the fish or the minikit to pick it up.

A largest fish minikit # 2

Just after the last minikit, another will appear on the right of the fish that chases you. Once again, shoot to get it.

A largest fish minikit # 3

A little later on the level, just before the big fish comes to eat the smallest fish, you should see another minikit floating inside a red bubble to the right of the screen.

A largest fish minikit # 4

After losing power in the cave, a new fish will persecute you. Eventually, while you get away from it, you will see another minikit floating to the left of the screen in a yellow bubble this time. Double to pick it up.

minikit of a bigger fish # 5

Just after you leave the cave, another minikit will float to your left, and you can shoot him to finish your collection and win your reward.

Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker – Challenges of a bigger fish

  • DIS is Nutsen – For this challenge, you must dodge 3 of the attacks followed by Opee Sea Killer. This is the second fish that you will see at the level that eaten the first. Just be sure to press the instructions on the button when you appear and you should get this easily.
  • Dodge each fin – Like the last challenge, this is to dodge the attack of Opee Sea Killer, but in this case, you must dodge all the attacks that are presented to knock it off without being hit. Fortunately, attacks are easy to dodge, so just make sure you press the indications when they happen and you will be fine.
  • Color Ronca fish – Oh, look, more elusive. This time you must dodge the attacks of the Colo Claw Fish at the beginning of the level three times in a row. You have a limited time to do this, since Opee Sea Killer will enter to eat the Claw Fish a little later on the level, so be sure to do it immediately.

Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker – Characters of a larger fish unlocked

For the first level of the game, you will not unlock anything super awesome:

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