Elden ring meets Tekken. A popular crossover mod makes that possible! The associated gameplay trailer conquers Twitter in the storm and becomes a viral hit. Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada is also attentive to the mod. His enthusiasm, however, is limited.

Update from 01.04.22:

I almost GOT BANNED FROM r/Elden Ring for these mods!
Katsuhiro Harada , his sign of one of the executive manufacturers of Tekken and a key figure in the production of Elden Ring, has voted on Twitter to the popular Crossover mod :

Although Harada recognizes the performance of Ultraboy when creating the mod, but still asks him to set the work on the project .

Admittedly, his tweet can be interpreted in different ways, but Harada answers other comments under the contribution quite aider . So he seems to be anything but happy about the existence of this mod.

Original message from 31.03.22:

Elaborate mod becomes a viral twitter hit

The creativity of the modding scene knows no limits. And so crafted fans and graphic designers have been around since the release of Elden Ring on the role-playing game. The exercises are often a colorful mix of bizarre ideas like the infamous “Thomas the Tank Engine” mod or helpful tools to make the crisp difficulty a bit more flexible.

The Twitter-User Ultraboy turns the spit now but now and spin with a complex mod the figures and creatures of ELDEN RING into the Tekken Universe. The result he presents with a gameplay trailer proud of the Twitter community:

Would a different Beat Em ‘up the better choice have been?

The Internet loves the idea and implementation and gives Ultraboy a viral Twitter hit. Almost 80,000 likes and almost 20,000 retweets has generated the linked tweet within 24 hours. Ascending trend.

In addition to various enthusiastic comments, but also a user sarcastic realizes that the Beat Em ‘Up Soul Calibur would actually have been the better choice for an “Elden Ring” Skin. After all, the “Soul Calibur” series specializes in the fight with swords and other weapons. A perfect match for elden ring, so to speak.

A quite legitimate objection that is also deliberated and commented by many Twitter users. However, the gameplay trailer and the associated work of Ultraboy makes no less impressive. Especially since you immediately notes his Twitter profile that he is a passionate tekken fan.