After the start of the criticism – large tour 7 **, some problems have occurred. One of them was an update that made the game unplayable for a day, so that the fans of Polyphony felt cheated, but the biggest controversy was the increase in autopic tours, so they had to grind for hours to buy the car to buy their dream or swap the car You real money to get this vehicle. Fortunately, there is a new method for farming credits to make things much easier for their purse.

How do you go? Do you need to sit in front of the screen for hours and make sure everything is as smooth as possible, or is there another way to handle this? Follow us if we immerse in the way to earn up to 15 million credits a day without just standing in front of your system!

Gran Turismo 7 – 15 million credits per day Farming method

Well, this method requires a little computer work, but you will be able to get a few programs in your hands you need to perform this method. Within the game, however, you need a specific vehicle and a unlocked route to make things work. On the large tour 7 side of things, you have to have the Tomahawk S VGT unlocked, as well as the route Pan American Championship .

Thanks to Septomor on the psnprofile Forum, there is a killer way to do this, only with your system and a PC. For all the details you can visit your contribution and see details, but we will also give download links here. As you also specify, you will not be blocked or punished for the use of this method.

From there you need to download the program AutoHotkey, Run the scripts for the things to work in this AFK method. You will also need PlayStation Remote Play **** on your PC for the Autohotkey program to work. The last three elements that you need to download are these two scripts working with Autohotkey to do some keys for them during their absence.

You want to select the Tomahawk S VGT and change your control scheme so that the direction pad works for steering, x is for acceleration and the directional pad below is For Nötpeter. You will also want to change your Assist settings to the following:

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Support Preset Selection: Custom
  • Traction control: 0
  • ABS: standard
  • Auto-Drive: Off
  • Driving line assistance: driving markings
  • Brake indicator: Off
  • Brake range: Off
  • Replace car after leaving the route: Off
  • Active Stability Management (ASM): Off
  • Zeinklekassistent: Off

GT7 Fully Automated UNLIMITED CREDITS Money Guide Gran Turismo 7

Navigate to Pan American Championship , and start PS Remote Play. Then charge AutoHotkey and run the scripts contained therein, and you can start with the farms of credits without having to sit in front of your console.

Big Tour 7 is now available exclusively for the consoles PlayStation 4 and 5.

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