One week before the summit, SV Eintracht Trier restarts to a counter to leader Wormatia Worms. The Primus was heavily difficult for a defensively well-set FV and had to settle with a draw on Saturday afternoon. If it was still dangerous, Worms usually failed on their own inability. ENGERS, which focused on his defensive work, hardly appeared. Ultimately, it was a typical 0: 0 game. Once it was time, when leased a pass in the back of the back in the final minutes of the aluminum, the ball found the way from there but did not find the FVE goal.

Zusammenfassung Wormatia - Eintracht Trier 0:1 (09.08.2019)

Meanwhile, the SV had Eintracht Trier in the home game against the FV Dieffen lightweight start-up difficulties and was after a faulfämeter and from Poss with 0: 1 back (37.). But Trier beat back before the break. Wimmer flanked on Bibaku, which only two minutes after the thin guidance with his head. Wimmer himself swelled in the 44th minute to the Eintracht guide. In the second section, the hosts had everything under control. A counterattack over Heinz, who served fire, finally brought decision Р3: 1 (78.).

After the 7-0 success from the previous week, the SV Gonsenheim put a 0: 4 pack against the FV Dudenhofen for the SV Gonsenheim. The FVD shocked the homely shortly before the break with a double strike. First, SpenGling turned a foul feet (40th), marriage Hoffmann asked the second goal in the detention time. Sprengling hit after the side exchange with his second gate then also for preliminary decision (65.). For the final score, Neuner made in the 73rd minute. For Dudenhofen it was the first victory in the third game of the rise round.

Two encounters also had to be canceled. In Carbach it was the weather, in Wiesbach several Corona cases that made a games made possible.