Fly High Works distributed Final Major Update “1.0” that is a formal release version of the box garden-type slow life RPG (@ kan_kikuchi), who works (@ kan_kikuchi).

This work is a game where the hero who woke up from a long sleep on a fushigi island can experience an adventure, agriculture and interaction with residents while solving the mystery of the island. STEAM early access started on November 7, 2020, and a large-scale update has been done so far. Game * SPARK also published play reports immediately after the release.

In this update that is a formal version, we added main quests and endings. In addition to adding event conversation logs, new systems such as “raining altars” and “decimals” appear in the game. In addition, we will continue to be a bug fix and the necessary reactions for feedback.

STEAM is also undergoing 20% off until April 14 to commemorate the “Piconetia” official version release. Please be careful when purchasing because it will be the price of the official version after the sale is completed.

In addition, Fly High Works established a unique media “ Fly High Times “, which publishes a variety of information such as the title, news release, developer interviews, which will be released from now on. From the establishment of 2011, the company that celebrates the 11th anniversary in April seems to be a place to send various information and content that has been cultivated so far.