Coffee Stain Publishing has a publisher, and Vaulted Sky Games works early access to PC ( Midnight Ghost Hunt ” Early Access started for PC (Windows).

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A total of eight players are divided into two camps, “Ghost” and “Hunter”. The ghosts attack in the object mimetic, and the human beings are expanded with a unique and speedy game game, such as the latest scientific gadget.

In addition, “Midnight Mayhem”, which is the largest feature, is a bonus time that is very advantageous to the ghost side, and occurs by rushing into the second half of the game while remaining even one ghost. The “Hunter” that was the side to be hunted until then will be chased as a side to be hunted.

By the way, a unique skin, “Midnight Ghost Hunt-Early Backer Pack”, such as the “Early Backer” title, is also released simultaneously as a DLC. However, here, the content of the support to the developer is to the end. If you are interested, you may want to buy with a set bundle.

The Ghost Hunt “Midnight Ghost Hunt” of the Festival is being delivered for PC (Windows) at STeam.