On February 1, 2001, the first volume of One Piece appeared in Germany. The rest is Manga story: the legendary series of Eiichirō Oda, which had started in Japan in 1997, is today an absolute world hit. Everywhere on the ground are fans of straw hat Luffy and his crew. If you want to get into the gripping adventure or you just want to have collected at home, quickly realizes how long One Piece already exists. Because only recently, band 100 appeared in Germany! We therefore offer you today just an overview of all one-piece volumes – so you can start collecting the mangas in 2022, in which the 25th anniversary of One Piece is pending.

One piece now also in the practical slipcase

Especially cool and worth mentioning is that you can now buy the beginning of Luffy’s journey through the world of pirates in Germany now also as a robust collective school titled “One Piece Collectus 1: East Blue”. This includes the volumes 1-12 and thus tells the story, like rubber man Luffy his (preliminary) crew in the sea East Blue assembled \ – before it goes to larger adventures in the dangerous ocean Grandline. Furthermore, there will probably be there soon, the East-Blue-Schuber is only available since February 2022 in Germany.

The special bodies for Portgas D. Ace

Luffy’s brother Ace, which appears in band 18 for the first time, is so popular that the manga author has even dedicated his own spin-off volumes. These are happy to be out of print, yet we do not want to pretend you to you:

  • One Piece: Ace’s Story, Vol. 1: Formation of the Spade Pirates
  • One Piece: Ace’s Story, Vol. 2: New World

One Piece: List of all volumes – so the big manga series is built (1) Source: Piece Collectus (Optc)

The big Arcs of One Piece and their volumes

The story of One Piece can be divided into Arcs, which can easily be classified in the chapters and volumes. As previously mentioned, the East Blue saga can be divided into the volumes 1-12. This is followed by the Alabasta saga, which plays in the volumes 12 to 24. It turns above all about the fight against Sir Crocodile and its Baroque company. The Skypieea saga (Vols 24 to 32) after that brings the straw hats into the beach, where they encounter the terrible “God” ENEL and his henchmen. In Water 7, it is actually going to repair the ship of the straw hats, but sometime ends in a true fight with the world government – the volumes 32 to 46. The short thriller bark saga mainly leads the Undead Crewmember Brook and includes the volumes 46 to 50.

The biggest Arcs of One Piece: How did the manga work for almost 25 years?

The hitherto second half of the mangas is ushered in the decision battle between Marine and Whitebeard pirates as well as Luffy who want to prevent the execution from his brother ACE. This story extends over the volumes 50 to 61. After a time jump, it continues on the island of fish people (61-66), which is then replaced directly from the huge Dressrosa-ARC – which is proud 15 entries long and lasts from Volume 66 Until 80. The longest continuous plot to date is probably the saga around the 4 yonkos, the most powerful pirates of the seas – with the fight against Big Mom and Kaido, the straw hats are now busy over 20 volumes.

On the next page, you will be clearly clear all the volumes of One Piece, including the legendary first volume 1 “The adventure begins”, which carries the iconic title “Romance Dawn” in English and Japanese, which also the name of the first episode of the Netflix Series is starting in 2022.

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