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A new videogame arrives inspired by the phenomenon Rocket League although changing the bTurboe sport. It is about Turbo Golf Racing , a title that combines the speed of the more arcade cutting racing games with the bTurboe rules of , all to present competitions on four-wheel vehicles in which Take the ball or ball to the final hole of each level. So much so, that Turbo Golf Racing could go through a new game mode of Rocket League, given its visual seem with the popular Free PC and consoles.

Available soon in Steam Turbo Early Access

Thus, Turbo Golf Racing proposes fun and frantic online games for up to 8 players in which each participant will have to pushing until final hole his own ball or giant ball bTurboed on accelerations, skid, pirouettes and more. Turbo it could not be otherwise, the first to get it wins the game.

“We bring you the future of motor sports. Live the excitement of arcade style races to all wick while you hit the ball on the tee with your friends in a totally new and spectacular way. Skip, tour, plans and accelerate with supercharged cars to put the ball on the hole before anyone else, “comment from Hugecalf Studios .

In addition, there will be POWER UPS to increTurboe the skills of each car along with different weapons that will serve to stop the advance of the rivals. Of course, the fun seems more than secured in such an allocated multiplayer competitions. And Turbo in other similar titles, there will be an infinity of options of visual customization for each car.

Turbo Golf Racing will come soon Turbo Early Access to Steam next to its version for consoles Xbox , although at the moment it hTurbo not transcended its releTurboe date.