A few days ago we met the arrival of Minecraft Preview, an independent application that allows Minecraft players to test the different beta versions of the title of Mojang Studios when desired, replacing the existing beta program.

How to Get Minecraft RTX Ray Tracing Without an RTX Graphics Card (Shader Tutorial)

Available in iOS, Xbox and Windows 10 and Windows 11, It seems that the application has presented a new function planned for Xbox Series X and S consoles with the arrival of the ray plot .

Ray-Tracing Soon Available in Minecraft for Xbox Series?

As you advanced a few days ago, minecraft preview allows players to enjoy Minecraft’s test versions, and very recently, Tom Warren , editor Head of The Verge, shared in the social network Twitter * A video capture in which we can set that your preview version of the game has the option of Ray Tracing *.

In the video, once the ray plot option is activated, we face the cubic world under a new light, with a more real lighting . Landscapes really come alive and the result is more than pleasant. However, despite this good news, It seems that not all the owners of Xbox Series have access to this option yet in the Previewed version that is offered.

This means that the ray tracing is certainly being implemented, but slowly and not at full speed on all machines. There will, therefore, have to be patient again before seeing this option in the Microsoft consoles ultimately.

In addition, with respect to players of PlayStation, there is no news . In fact, this feature is completely absent, either in PS4 or PS5, and there is no information indicating the arrival of the latter to Sony machines. Although I could jump the surprise.