MagentaTV will rebuild the proven trio of expert Michael Ballack, Moderator John B. Kerner and Commentator Wolff Fuss at the World Cup in Qatar (21 November to 18 December). This announced the broadcaster of Deutsche Telekom on Wednesday.

MagentaTV, already at the Euro last year of the rights owner for Germany, shows all 64 World Cups of the final round at the Persian Golf – 16 lots of it exclusively, including two second of a quarter, quarter-finals and the game around third place. Planned around the World Cup games is a reporting with up to 14 hours program daily.

“More World Cup does not work. We offer football fans the extensive World Cup package on the German market with over 200 hours live program,” says Michael Hagspihl, Senior Vice President Global Strategic Projects and Marketing Partnerships of Telekom.

MagentaTV also shows the group draw on the World Cup in Qatar on 1 April. The transfer with foot and Ballack starts at 5.30 pm and can be seen via the channel #DabeiTV at MagententV. Thomas Wagner will capture first reactions as a live reporter on site with exclusive interviews.

MagententV is the TV offer of Telekom, which is available for telecom customers via the landline of the company as well as via the stream of customers of other Internet providers. The Telekom will also present the 64 games completely in UHD, so highly definition. The same act MagententV also already at the EM 2021.

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* Group phase: 21. November to 2 December
* Eachelfinale: 03. December to December 6th
* Quarterfinals: 09. December to 10th December
* Semifinals: 13. December to December 14th
* FINAL: 18. December