In the teaser to The Witcher 4 was not shown much – just a medallion in the snow. But that was enough to impose the discussions among the fans. Is the trailer around a hangover who can be assigned to the cat school? And is this then an indication of Ciri? Or is it more a lynx medallion? And what would that mean? We explain what is behind the two witches schools.

Witcher schools and the medallion

That’s what: The witchers from the Witcher Universe can be assigned to specific schools from which they have emerged. Each of these schools uses a symbol of symbols and the members carry suitable medallions around the neck that they warn against magic sources and magical beings in the area.

Teaser shows mysterious medallion: Which animal symbol is the trailer shown in the teaser and what this means for the history of The Witcher 4, the community is currently unable to agree. If we approach the sorcering schools that occurred in the official books, comics and games, the medallion sees the most similar to that of the cat school, but still has relatively large deviations.

In this news you will learn everything for the announcement of The Witcher 4:

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What is the cat school?

The cat school can be mentioned both in books and comics as well as in The Witcher 3. The witches belonging to this school, however, have anything but a good reputation. They are considered unpredictable and often occur as a killer or traitor.

The Witcher 3: In the last part of the game franchise, two missions have to do with the cat school. At the “treasure hunt: cat school equipment”, a person in their notes declares that she believes that above all elves of the school had heard.

In the mission “Where Katz and Wolf play…” It gets Geralt with Gaetan, who almost slaughtered a whole village. This is a human witcher who belongs to the cat school. In addition, Geralt can learn from a letter that there was an attack on the cat school and most members are now dead or lost.

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Ciri and the Cat School: Ciri gets a Wolfs medallion in The Witcher 3. In one of the novels, however, she takes a cat medallion in itself, which she decreases a bounty hunter and that also hangs in a scene from The Witcher 3 on her hip, as you can see in this picture.

That’s why many fans now assume that we see this trailer in the teaser and the Witcher 4 quite classic at the next generation, Geralts Mündel Ciri.

Doubts about theory

However, there are legitimate doubts about the theory of Ciri and the cat school, as the medallion shown in the teaser deviates from the classic design. On Twitter Micheal The Tarrison (@legacykillerHD) is to be considered:

Sooo… I have seen many people say the picture that the next Witcher Game Anteast contains a “cats” medallion. But is that?! I do not see that. That looks less like cat, rather after a lynx?! I wonder if the Witcher 4 contains a new school with possibly a customizable character?!

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In addition, two illustrations are faced. One shows the medallion from the teaser, the other a trailer that corresponds to the cat school trailer, which can be seen, among other things in The Witcher 3.

What is the school of the lynx?

The school of the luch, with whose logo the followers has great similarity, is not part of the official part of the Witcher universe, but is a fan fiction described on In the unofficial Lore she comes out of the cat school after Lambert was explained to her leader and decided to reform them radically.

Departure from the cat school: This also means that the newly created school wants to liberate from the stained reputation of the cat school, which also succeeds under Lambert’s leadership. According to the fan fiction, the School of the Lynx also belong to witches, including a woman named Dragonfly, the Lambert’s deputy. The magic Keira Metz also belongs in the unofficial history to the founding members.

Fan fiction in the game franchise? It is questionable whether CD project will pick up Red Fan Fiction in the game. It would of course also be possible that it is a separate interpretation of the school of the lynx – or just a whole new school. There were already sorcerry schools that occasion only in the games. The new main person: The question of who would be the main person if we get to do it with the school of the lynx or a new school is difficult to answer. In fact, it is not excluded that CD project red a customizable character brings into play, as is the case with cyberpunk 2077. That would be a big step. What do you think about the trailer, or: What do you think of the fan fiction to the school of the lynx?