Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is already here, and players have a group of new quests that need to fulfill and earn awards. The new recovery quests offer huge XP, but they are also divided into several stages that players must pass to unlock weekly resistance tasks .

There is six recovery quests are divided into steps, and each stage requires players from performing two tasks. The completion of both stages of each quest will open up the next stage and will reward the players 40,000 experience . You will need to execute each of the following tests to move into recovery quests:

  • Set the upward communication line with the device near the Condo Canyon, Crossroads of Horse and Command Cave (0/1)
  • Get IO envelopes with completely secret plans (0/3)

Players will have to land in any of the three above-mentioned points of interest to find an upward connection with the device. These devices can be found throughout the region, and you just need to go before one of them to task.

  • Install the communication channel with the device next to the shelter, Seven Outpost II or SynaPse Station (0/1)

  • Destroy seven computers and mechanisms to collect fallen data chips (0/3)

Fortnite All Week 1 Season Quests Guide - Chapter 3 Season 2

Complete the first two stages of recovery tasks to unlock the next test set.

  • Install the upward connection with the device next to the Camp Cuddle, Chonker’s Speedway or Daily BUGLE (0/1)
  • Find, find and destroy the hidden interference of the I / O assembly in Fortnite (0/1)

In the same way, after their completion, the players will need to complete the last two stages of recovery quests to go to weekly resistance quests. Players can earn about 120,000 experience After completing all the recovery quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

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