Katashiro are the key to salvation of spirits in Tokyo in Ghostwire Tokyo. They enable them to keep the ghosts of the citizens Tokios before they rescue them. And the more they have, the more spirits you can hold before they deposit them in a telephone booth. So, what is the maximum katashiro amount you can hold?

Well, there are quite a few Katashiro, which you can buy in shops throughout Tokyo, the pretty expensive 3,000 Meika cost. Katashiro are human shaped dolls of paper, which according to Yokai tradition have a variety of purposes. But in Ghostwire Tokyo, her sole purpose is to keep the mood of citizens to Tokios.

To find out Maximum Katashiro Quantity in Ghostwire Tokyo Continue reading to see how many you can buy before keeping the maximum possible number.

Ghostwire Tokyo Max. Katashiro amount

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The the maximum Katashiro amount you can hold in Ghostwire Tokyo is 50 . As soon as you have 50, you will hold as many Katashiro as you can.

If you get 50 Katashiro, you also turn off the trophy or success “limitless mind”.

This covers the maximum Katashiro amount in Ghostwire Tokyo. More tips and information about the game can be found in our walkthrough to Ghostwire Tokyo.