The assistant of Adi Hütter, who will also be missing in Bochum, is all about the assistant from Adi Hütter, which is missing in Bochum because of his Covid-19 disease. Christian Peintinger takes over because that is his job and because he wants to help his club, but basically he sees himself in sight as co-coach – and not in the boss role.

“… and so I have really sworn to him on life’s loyalty”

I asked I asked if I could work on his side, and so I have actually sworn to him on life, “assures the Austrian. He finally had the former and current boss “the chance to work in such a job, and that’s why I want to give him something back.”

Both worked at the Young Boys Bern and Eintracht Frankfurt together; That should, according to Peentinger, preferably no longer change. Do not irritate the role as head coach? The prospect of standing in a different club in the front line? This is certainly not his idea: “My desire is not to accept a coach job somewhere. So long Adi it wants,” says Peintinger, “I will be at his side.”

Bochum is scary loud and aggressive, they go very intensively on the second balls.

Christian Peinfinger

So he’ll put everything in to make his friend and boss a great pleasure for his friend and boss on Friday and follow the 2-0 victory against Hertha another successful experience in the relegation battle. With a threesome at the Castroper Straße, the foals could pass up to so strong newcomers so far and further increase the distance to the relegation places.

But: “Bochum is scary loudly and aggressive, they go very intensively on the second balls,” warns Peentinger. “We have to throw our qualities into the scales, that means for me that we want to convince playfully.”

Actually, the plan was to offer the same eleven as in victory against Hertha, but this is nothing because of the Covid disease of Nico Elvedi. The defensive chain must be rebuilt, but Peentinger indicated that it will remain with as few models as possible.

“Never Change A Winning Team”

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“As a player, you are easier to do when you feel the trust of the coach after good performances and get used to the specified processes.” Basically, he is therefore a supporter of the motto: “Never Change A Winning Team”. This could, for example, mean that instead of Elvedi, the last because of a gastrointestinal virus missing Marvin Friedrich moves into the starting element.

Last victory in Bochum 1995

In what occupation always, at Castroper Straße, Borussia often did not look good at her last performances. The last victory of the foal in Bochum was 2-0 on March 25, 1995 among Bernd Krauss. Among other things, Max Eberl played at the Bochumern. But it is also important to take into account that Bochum finally in the last eleven years could only see the Bundesliga from afar.