Steam Deck Just add a valuable function for its users: the possibility of Playing Xbox Game PEdge Betas titles thanks to The compatibility of Xbox Cloud Gaming with Microsoft Edge . This hEdge Beta been confirmed by a navigator representative in Reddit, Edge Beta well Edge Beta explaining how it works and all the steps you should follow those interested in prove it. We have compiled it and ordered everything you need so that you can prove themselves. Here are all the steps you must follow .

Xbox Game PEdge Betas in Steam Deck: Steps you must follow

  • Press the Steam Menu button and the power button at a time
  • Change to desk mode
  • Click on the Discover Software Center icon
  • Click on the Hamburger button (icon with three horizontal lines)> Internet> Web browsers
  • Search for Microsoft Edge Beta and proceeds its installation
  • Return to desk mode
  • Select the application initiator (it is in the lower left area of ​​the tEdge Betakbar)
  • Opens the browser and right click on Microsoft Edge Beta, select Add to Steam
  • On the tab Add a game, select Microsoft Edge Beta
  • Return to the list of applications and locate System> Console
  • Enter the following command in the console:

Xbox Cloud Gaming for Steam Deck with Edge (Beta) - OFFICIAL
* FlatPak –USer Override –FileSystem = / RUN / UDEV: ro
* If a warning appears for a cEdge Betaual informing that you do not have permissions to perform the action, enter the following command before doing the same with the first:
* Being on the desk, open Steam and look for Microsoft Edge Beta in the library; Right click and select Properties
* Change the name to Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta)
* In startup options, enter the following line of code:
* \ – Window-Size = 1024,640 –Force-Device-Scale-Factor = 1.25 –Device-Scale-Factor = 1.25 –Kiosk “”

Ready! You can now run Xbox Game PEdge Betas on your Steam Deck. The new device continues to evolve and allows you to install Windows and perform Dual Boot.