In the studio expenses founded by the Representative of Ryu Gentlemen, we went to the recruitment of the game development for the development of new projects.


According to a recruitment announcement ▲ Programmer ▲ Scenario Planning ▲ Game Planning ▲ Project Manager ▲ Character Won ▲ Character Modeling ▲ Background Origin ▲ Background Modeling ▲ Effector ▲ UI / UX Designer ▲ QA, etc., and more than 2 years Studying and understanding of developing practical experienced and the latest subculture trends require deep developers.

Looking at the main features of the new project mentioned in Jobs announcements, it is developing as an unity engine with an animated style mobile game. As a background modeling, we are looking for a 3D maker, and in scenario planning, web novels, light Nobel, and a person who has experience in the series of work, publications, etc.

Studio expenses are developers who are professionally developing a subculture genre established by Ryu Gentlemen. The new project is a second substructure mobile game that challenges the “counter side” after 2 years. The entire employee of the company is about 87.