On March 16, 2022, XBox will hold the showcase [email protected]. The event will be broadcast at 10:00 on the Pacific time and viewed on Official Twitch Xbox Page or Twich Himing TVich Page . That [Email Protected] Showcase is devoted to independent developers and their games for Xbox. Xbox holds [email protected] regularly conducts demonstrations, the previous event will be held in 2021.

What will shown on [email protected] showcase?

That [Email Protected] in Showcase will be presented updates, trailers and gameplay for games that will appear in the Xbox ecosystem. The stingers pay special attention to Finge and Whitehorn, and also presented “no light”, “Tunic” and “Trekking to Yomi” in the graphics announcement. You can expect that all these games will appear.

You can expect news, gaming process and even the possibility of some debut ads for this event. It is likely that the AAA games that the Xbox talented teams work, will not appear at the event, since the focus will be on independent and independent developers, but this does not mean that Showcase will not be completely deprived of surprises.

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